Rating and Billing Validation

Ensure accurate billing and maximize monthly recurring revenue

Eliminate tariff and billing errors by monitoring products and service bundles

RAID Rating and Billing Validation (RBV) provides an automated auditing mechanism that simplifies the complex tasks around rating and charging in a multi-partner and multi-price service provider environment. For communication service providers (CSPs) that want to quickly release, promote and discount services based upon a customer’s unique preferences, while simultaneously encouraging the use of additional revenue-generating applications, RAID RBV delivers auditing controls that prevent revenue leakage and protect the customer experience.
Eliminate tariff and billing errors by monitoring products and service bundles
A scalable and robust solution for billing and rating validation

A scalable and robust solution for billing and rating validation

Converged billing with real-time rating and charging enables CSPs to create innovative, customer-centric propositions, providing differentiation in a competitive market. RAID RBV can effectively respond to the CSP’s billing accuracy needs, whether they are simple (e.g. one-time fee, recurring flat fee), or complex (e.g. using promotions, discounts, adjustments, or credits) and independent of the customer type (prepaid, postpaid, or hybrid).

Top 6 Charging Pitfalls: Why Carriers Need Rating and Billing Validation

Temporary Marketing Promotions
When applying a temporary marketing promotion customers expect that it becomes effective immediately. Applying or cancelling marketing promotions in a timely manner can lead to a bad customer experience or revenue leakage.
Missing Service Invoicing
Customers are often charged for services they do not own, like long distance lines. Conversely, this error also occurs when services provisioned are not listed in the customer invoice.
Discrepancies in Rating vs Billing Data
These discrepancies can occur with newly installed services that don’t receive the quoted rate or discounts, and contract renewals that include lower rates that were never applied to monthly invoices.
Failure in Applying Discounts
Custom contracts and product bundles create multiple rating schemes, which has a high likelihood of leading to errors in billing. Sometimes service rating is inaccurately attributed to base plans rather than to the correct promotional bundle.
Delays in Upgrading Pricing Policies
Service upgrades or downgrades and new item added or removed from product bundles that are continually wrongly billed from customer’s agreed upon prices can lead to a dissatisfied customer and potential for revenue leakage.
Inaccurate Technology Migrations
During mergers and acquisitions or technology upgrades, one of the biggest challenges that CSPs face is data inconsistencies during the migration of customer and service data on the OSS and BSS.
Full traceability of the billing process

Full traceability of the billing process

RAID monitors the billing process by validating billing data against historical and statistical data, or against other preferred data sources, to assure invoice accuracy. Built-in aggregated validations guarantee high performance in the analysis of invoices, while detailed validations allow drill down into the source of the problem. With RAID Rating and Billing Validation, CSPs are able to control revenue leakage due to billing and invoicing problems, and efficiently track and correct the underlying errors.

Can't see the forest for the trees?

Harness the power of your data to connect the dots between strategy, risk and performance.

Prebuilt audit controls for revenue assurance

RAID Revenue Assurance modules include a set of prebuilt business validations that help analysts to address issues right out-of-the-box. Due to its intuitive graphical modelling interface, RAID’s business validation features enable operators to explicitly define, analyze, execute, audit and maintain a wide variety of rules that map directly to a business’s underlying business logic. Multiple built-in checkpoints can ensure that all issues identified are reported and tracked, providing an all-inclusive view of the risk management process, enabling service providers to rapidly evolve the prevention of revenue leakage on a continuous basis.

How Oi Brazil is Leveraging RAID For Revenue Assurance

Oi offers fixed and mobile, broadband, pay TV, data transmission and internet provider services, in addition to other corporate and wholesale services, including transport network and international backbone services. Oi also offers more than two million public Wi-Fi hotspots in several places, e.g., airports and shopping malls. Since November 2008, Oi has been providing Pay TV services. The service is available in virtually all of Brazil, except in the state of São Paulo, through satellite (DTH) and fiber optic technologies (FTTH - IPTV), which is available in some cities in the states of RJ and MG.

2018 Stratecast, Revenue Assurance Market Leadership Award

The findings, as published in this report, show that WeDo Technologies leads in market share for the global CSP financial assurance market.

Increase Your Revenue Assurance Maturity by Deploying RAID

Provisioning Assurance
Audit order management and provisioning processes along the OSS and the network to deliver the exceptional service desired by customers, while eliminating revenue leakages and poor customer experience.
Usage Assurance
End-to-end approach for monitoring and controlling revenue leakage in telecom environments due to the misalignment of Charging Data Records.
Prepaid Balance Validation
No matter the subscription type, network, device or service, RAID Prepaid Balance Validation (PBV) affords the utmost flexibility in auditing customer account balances.

Support for complex discount types

RAID RBV “rules based” re-rating engine supports a variety of discount type auditing – from simple discounts on a single product to complex discounts on multiple offers, promotions, bundles, or ‘joined accounts’. RAID RBV enables robust features, such as:
  • Flat discounts (fixed cash amount deduction)
  • Percentage discounts
  • Volume discounts (based on the quantity of product/service, number of calls or minutes)
  • Revenue discounts (based on the invoiced amount for product/service or calls)
  • Tiered discounts (volume and revenue discounts applied separately for each volume tier)
  • Applied discounts to selected products, usage, or entire order
  • Loyalty rewards (discounts based on customer credit rating and/or length of customer relationship)

WeDo Technologies Risk Management Software Portfolio

Discover why WeDo Technologies’ RAID is the most trusted software by Telecom companies all over the globe to manage their Revenue Assurance activities.
Top-up credits from a variety of payment mechanisms can result in errors

Re-rating across tariff trees, including bundle hierarchies

The diversity of product and service bundles, tariff plans and migration options increase the possibility of incorrect billing configurations. These offers are usually configured in convergent billing systems where multiple access technologies and billing methods are implemented. Due to the complexity of these billing systems, and the variety of customer offers available, there is significant risk to the integrity of the rating process. Separate the rating from the billing system to deliver special offers, promotions and bundles to subscribers without suffering the service degradation that traditionally comes with complex charging scenarios.
Supercharge billing validation with Machine Learning

Supercharge billing validation with Machine Learning

Using several elements of machine learning throughout the Rating and Billing Validation (RBV) process, we are able to identify line items that have the highest likelihood of needing attention from revenue assurance managers. The system compares submitted line items to a set of rules that are based on the subscriber-specific service agreement. The resulting findings of these comparisons include issues such as non-billable activities and abnormal consumption patterns, as well as rate and activity mismatches. Focused on prioritized machine learning items, the system then ranks these line items by their likelihood of service agreement non-compliance and presents this information to analysts for more in-depth invoice review.
Prepaid OTT content bundling

End-to-end Platform for Risk Management

Built from the ground up and completely owned by WeDo Technologies, RAID is a robust platform on which all our risk management products are built. With a range of prebuilt auditing and monitoring packages, built for Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management and Business Assurance, RAID delivers a full-service solution from data collection all the way through to risk detection and traceability of case resolution.
Streaming analytics for IoT Rating and Billing Validation

Streaming analytics for IoT Rating and Billing Validation

The IoT industry faces specific challenges when it comes to IoT charging as related to the demand for rapid on boarding of new business models, multi-sided partnerships, integration of new devices and the ability to base charging on any service characteristics. At the same time, all the information presented to customers, partners and internal stakeholders must be relevant, accurate and up to date. Data processing in the IoT industry poses unique challenges that make event streaming processing the most reliable solution. To address this complex event processing challenge, rating and billing validation that runs on the RAID streaming analytics platform can now enable millions of CDRs per second to be collected and processed in parallel.
Bundles, Packages, Plans - and Promotions

Bundles, Packages, Plans - and Promotions

Innovative and profitable ways to address the market depend on discount and promotional tactics to achieve business goals, like achieving customer acquisition and revenue targets. Maintaining billing accuracy while delivering bundles and managing hundreds of promotions can get complicated unless you have a revenue assurance solution designed for it. RAID RBV delivers the auditing mechanisms that enables accurate billing for thousands of products - from simple offerings to complicated bundles - while applying pricing at any level: plan, group of customers, partners, or particular customer.
Active testing for revenue assurance purposes

Active testing for revenue assurance purposes

As part of RAID Rating and Billing Validation, WeDo Technologies delivers a easy-to-use validation process that checks if rated records are correctly calculated according to your rate plans and bundles. Matching tolerances and filters can be defined to control which events should be validated and rating calculations are done on each usage event independently. With RAID Service Assurance tool, you will be able to prevent revenue leakage due to rating process errors and efficiently track and correct the underlying errors. RAID Service Assurance is delivered as a service and running on the cloud.

Choose How You Want Your RA Deployed

Adopt the RAID platform and choose the deployment option that best fits your business needs, budget, and resources. If your company still doesn’t have a full public cloud policy due to security and compliance issues, WeDo Technologies provides an alternative in private and hybrid cloud models to deploy RAID with its prebuilt risk management modules or apps.