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Identify, explore, and design new technologies that have the potential to improve our customers business

WeDo Technologies Labs

The mission of WeDo Technologies Labs is straightforward: Identify, explore, and integrate new technologies that have the potential to substantially improve WeDo’s risk management offer for the good of our customers. Incubated into partner ecosystems, we believe that our Labs initiative holds a true competitive advantage. Each of WeDo Technologies Labs can be made up of a combination of technological partners, universities, startups and customers to build technologies that keep the company at the forefront of the integrated risk management market.

Biometric Solutions For Digital Fraud Detection And Prevention – Phase II

All over the world, companies are enhancing security and providing customers with a choice on how they authenticate themselves. As such, the popularity of biometric authentication has exploded in the past few years. According to the most recent research studies, there will be more than half a billion voiceprints alone by 2020. As a market leader in the telecom fraud management market, WeDo Technologies has established partnerships with leading biometrics companies to identify and verify your customers—simply and securely with their voice, facial recognition and other characteristics in order to prevent fraud.
  • Enhanced subscription fraud detection
  • Artificial intelligence for fraud detection
  • Prevent against social engineering
  • Stay on top of the latest frauds
  • Evaluative fraudster scoring

AI/ML for International Revenue Share Open Management

IRSF is caused by the artificial inflation of traffic, or traffic pumping, to premium rate numbers around the world, which is then billed to either the end customer or some carrier in the routing flow.
In this lab we are using RAID’s machine learning capabilities to develop models that are now trained on hundreds of billions of data events drawn from the CSP network. We have used these data events to update our fraud models, helping CSPs to more accurately identify fraudsters and reduce fraud rates by up to 25% while decreasing false positives.

WeDo Technologies Labs Vision

Our researchers look beyond today’s technology solutions to develop disruptive products that meet the future needs of the integrated risk management industry and help to protect our customer’s business.
Technological, university and customer collaborations are an important part of WeDo Labs projects. By allowing open access to components, we can accelerate how we address risk challenges in our customers’ environments more efficiently.
Open–closed principle
As part of our Labs vision we believe that innovation is a willingness to listen with an open mind. Without this founding principle, innovation is discouraged and evolution is stifled.
At the same time one of drivers behind the lab is to translate concepts into products and services that might lead to technological advancements, changes in customer environments, or improved product design

Using Machine Learning for Near-Zero False Positives

Many revenue assurance and fraud management solutions on the market focus on identifying a list of unusual patterns to generate an alarm for follow up. In this lab, WeDo Technologies is developing risk management models that when trained with a bias towards identifying contextualized unusual patterns, are more likely to exclude the 'normal' discrepancies, in order to reduce false positives. Using machine learning, we can draw relationships between different elements of data and provide augmented contextual awareness, to provide more accurate risk management alerts.
In other words, the models are trained to recognize unusual non-contextualized and unusual contextualized patterns in order to generate alarms only for the non-contextualized.

DPI for Risk Management – Phase II

As IoT offers start to rollout, CSPs have to offer fast, reliable and uninterrupted connectivity to ensure a high quality of service for their customers, whether they are end users, IoT MVNOs, or IoT gateways. The goal of this LAB is to use DPI technology to collect real-time IoT traffic analytics to enhance WeDo Technologies IoT risk management solutions for CSPs that want to ensure they can meet customer experience needs and monetize new services. The traffic analytics tools provide not only actionable insights into IoT network traffic for fraud management purposes but also give you a comprehensive overview of network usage and user behavior for revenue assurance.

Meet Our Team

WeDo Technologies Innovation Lab is a proving ground for today’s and tomorrow’s digital transformation environment. Using a variety of skills and cutting-edge technology, our team develops and engineers innovative risk management solutions for the telecommunications industry. Our multidisciplinary specialists anticipate technology trends and analyze new business models risks to enable you to derive maximum benefit from digitalization. Everything orbits around co-innovation. We ensure all key stakeholders are included in the design of our Labs projects right from the very start. Our methodology ranges from innovation workshops to experience design, quick prototyping and bespoke innovation developments.

Previous Labs editions

Optimizing TCO And Scalability With Hadoop
Hadoop itself is not a magical solution, but with WeDo you can manage faster, easier, and cheaper the architectural differences between Hadoop distributions and save 20-50% in TCO.
Monitoring 5G Services in NFV
WeDo Labs proposes a solution that orchestrates the monitoring services automatically in a 5G-oriented architecture, integrating SDN and NFV technologies to monitor and orchestrate the whole life-cycle of monitoring the network control plane.
Digital Risk Profile
Technology for information assessment based on public social data, providing a variety of applications specifically designed to achieve 360-degree real-time visibility of a network subscriber.
Using Signaling To Prevent Fraud
Leveraging advanced telecom signalling allows CSPs to save billions of dollars in fraud losses. This advanced innovation in telecoms implements and delivers tremendous added-value to operators.
DPI & Signalling Protocols Monitoring For Fraud Detection
This lab is a highly scalable solution that utilizes subscriber level filtering, SPI, DPI, and signalling analysis to classify subscribers, content, and traffic to prevent and eliminate fraud.
Using DPI To Detect Data Charging Bypass
DPI is a buzz word, but it simply means looking at the content of traffic, not just the headers or the volume, WeDo Labs is now integrating DPI into our FMS detection engines to identify and prevent Bypass Fraud.