Risk Management For 5G Networks

Get continuous protection with advanced analytics, turning data into powerful risk management insights and actions by covering vulnerabilities with a high degree of automation.

A Risk Management Framework for 5G

Connected devices and mobile applications require wireless network access that is resilient, secure and able to protect individuals privacy, and the 5G systems is designed with these requirements in mind.
Nevertheless, that there are characteristics of the underlying communication infrastructure that, if not propertly taken care of, introduce risks to the CSP value chain as a whole.

Dynamic Slice Assurance

Network slicing is a feature being introduced with 5G over time. This permits multiple service levels and custom-made services to be offered to vertical industries, individual enterprises or individual devices.
WeDo technologies provides a framework for dynamic slice assurance through the application of auditing controls along Network Slice Instance lifecyle management.

Tailored Solutions 5G Risk Management

Usage Assurance
Ensure that your partners and customers pay only for what they use with 5G slice usage auditing.
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Prebuilt controls for usage assurance
  • SLA monitoring
  • Service usage monitoring across the network
  • Concurrent slice instances monitoring
Billing Validation
Build personalized wholesale subscription pricing with Elastic Billing auditing.
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Wholesale rating validation up to slice level
  • Adaptable business logic
  • Dynamic scaling billing validation
  • Flexible & scalable rating engine
  • AI/ML for dynamic pricing policies
Fraud Management
Secure your wireless network access and protect your customers’ right to privacy.
  • Machine learning and AI for fraud prevention
  • Integration with security to detect fraud at the device level
  • Digital identity validation
  • Monitor DNS hijacking for fraud purposes

Provisioning Assurance

Monitor 5G network slicing provisioning for particular purposes or services or customers as part of a logical end-to-end network, or as slices are being dynamically created and scaled.
As part of the provisioning monitoring process, RAID delivers controls for lifecycle management, fault management, configuration management, performance management and policy management.

Monitor 5G Risks From One Single Platform

With RAID, all the necessary tools are integrated into one single platform for risk management.
As an end-to-end solution it covers everything from data collection to risk analysis and reporting. With the flexibility to define controls, RAID also provides prebuilt modules for risk management areas such as revenue assurance, fraud management and business assurance

Where All of Your Risk Management Strategy Comes Together

Provisioning Assurance
Audit the 5G value chain to assure the placement of network functions at distributed datacenter locations
Security and Fraud
Build a trustworthy 5G infrastructure by taking a holistic view and not only focusing on individual parts in isolation.
Contract Assurance
Audit 5G slice usage to ensure that MVNO partners pay only for what they use. Audit IoT MVNOS partners’ billing for usage-based business models and not only about connectivity.
Real-Time Anomaly Detection
Detect fraud with supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms engineered for the most challenging mobile environments.
SLA Monitoring
Monitor quality of service according to contract agreements between service providers and wholesale partners for accurate billing settlement.
Margin Analytics
Monitor revenues based on the resources and network topology in use for each specific service and traffic that will use the slice.

WeDo Risk Consulting Services

All telcos can benefit from a proactive risk management strategy when rolling out a 5G infrastructure. This means defining key risks, weighing their probability and impact on business drivers and developing your thinking on actions to take. WeDo Technologies can support you in this. Our consultancy experts can undertake risk assessments that go beyond financial and regulatory risk to consider the wider environment in which you deploy 5G services. Additionally our consultancy experts can help you put in place effective monitoring and control tools that give you earlier warnings, and enable you to respond quickly and effectively
  • Profitability and liquidity
  • Operational excellence
  • Compliance
  • Growth opportunities

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