Professional Services

Our professional services team certifies that our software works seamlessly, offering excellent customer experience and supporting new business models.

Top-notch Implementation Services

WeDo Technologies professional services, supports telecom operators in delivering an efficient environment for finest customer service delivery through market-leading risk management and business management systems integration expertise.
Our products and deployment services expertise address the most common challenges faced by operators today, including going from network evolution toward all-IP, cost and operational efficiency demands on new service releases, and assuring new opportunities for business growth. WeDo Technologies has as broad portfolio of risk management and business management solutions and the skills required to meet the challenges of technology and business transformation.

Standardized Processes for Project Delivery Quality

WeDo’s vast pool of talent provides our customers access to the right skills required to get our products deployed at an optimum level of quality. With a strong culture of focusing on customer service and success, our dedicated and experienced professionals collaborate as global teams to deploy WeDo Technologies’ solutions with and for our clients.
Our global and multidisciplinary professional services team are able to work consistently and cohesively because they follow the standards defined by WeDo’s quality management system (QMS). WeDo QMS is ISO 9001 certified and annually audited by an external and independent entity.

Experienced Project Managers with PMP Certification

We assign an experienced project director (PD) and project manager (PM) to each customer project with respect to the project nature, customer history, career fit and availability.
As PMP-certified professionals, our project directors and project managers speak and understand the global language of project management when it comes to leading and directing cross-functional teams to deliver projects within the constraints of schedule, budget and resources.

Ongoing Product Training and Staff Development

The secret of our delivery success rate? Our people’s extended knowledge on WeDo’s product portfolio. It’s why we at WeDo keep investing considerable resources and time in providing continuous training to all our delivery teams.
To extend their business, technical and professional skills, each of our delivery resources has to dedicate a specified minimum number of hours to formal training each year to each new product release. Along with product training, WeDo also makes regular investments so that our people have strong communication and people skills for productive cross-cultural collaboration.

Skill Sets for Achieving Business and Technology Performance Goals

With WeDo Technologies professional product implementation service, risk management consultancy and analytical services working together by your side, you can evolve your business with insights by bringing together people, processes, and products that make your strategy profitable and reliable.
Whether you want to reduces risks in the deployment of a core network or audit the deployment of new business models such as IoT, you’ll have the first-class products and deployment services you need to guarantee that you succeed.

No matter where you are in the digital transformation journey, our professional services is here to help.

Global Reach
WeDo’s world-class delivery capabilities bring together the company’s global reach, strong product knowledge and deeply skilled technology, telecom and IT industry professionals. Our professional services team deploy WeDo Technologies’ product portfolio from WeDo’s regional offices and client locations across more than 100 countries all over the world.
Certifications and Standards
Our commitment to bringing the best people performance to our clients can be seen in the wide range of WeDo’s quality management systems (QMS). At WeDo, we believe that our quality management system facilitates the delivery of desired business outcomes and/or service commitments for our clients through effective planning and execution.
Industry & Product Knowledge
WeDo’s professional services, empowered by its best-in-class software, support telecom operators to leverage business opportunities and technology changes rapidly. Our software and deployment services expertise, understanding and experience in the telecom industry allows WeDo Technologies to partner with its customers and take on the prime integrator role as the single point of contact in complex multivendor environments during deployment projects.