What’s new in RAID 8.1?


As the number of connected devices starts to grow at an alarming pace, maintaining efficient business operations and billing are critical for the success of IoT services. Our goal is to deliver software that protects service providers from risk during these times of change, with a focus on Operations Support System (OSS) transformation, system consolidation and network monetization operations.

RAID 8.1 was designed not only to assure the usage of physical assets, but also to maximize the benefits and attributes of SDN and NFV. Our newest version provides not only an improved software platform, but also introduces business modules and apps specifically designed to meet the changing needs of today’s service providers; helping to protect their corporate revenue, guard their brand, and drive exceptional business performance.

Built on top of the RAID risk management platform, our new out-of-the-box risk management modules and apps allow analysts to identify, assess, monitor, and mitigate enterprise risks even more effectively than before. Powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, paired with detailed graphical dashboards and charts, offer comprehensive and real-time visibility into risks, enabling stakeholders to make quick and well-informed decisions.

Start using RAID 8.1 today to ensure a more seamless, secure and profitable path towards change and transformation.

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