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Fraud Management

Can You Prevent, Detect and Manage Fraud, all From a Single Platform? If Not… It's Time To Change Your Fraud Management Software.

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A simple, effective and collaborative Fraud Management system

RAID FMS enhanced user interface sets a new benchmark for response and resolution times by managing every step of fraud detection and investigation in a integrated platform.

Adaptive Case Management enables users to define customized workflows, accelerating time to resolution, while providing a consistent and collaborative user experience.

Leverage Machine Learning to beat Fraud

RAID FMS empowers fraud managers with an analytical tool that lets them build their own data mining models tailored for specific needs, helping them to find unusual patterns and correlations with a simple step-by-step wizard.

By combining insights gathered from machine learning with the power of an extensive rules library RAID FMS is able to address all kinds of fraud, delivering actionable results in mere milliseconds

Zero Coding approach for extended User-Empowerment

RAID FMS enables the user to take advantage of a fully configurable platform, from the type and source of input data to the definition and management of new fraud detection engines and rules.

Interactive dashboards and reports can be easily created through a drag-and-drop visually rich interface, allowing users to define and customize KPI’s, Business Sensors and additional metrics that help them control and monitor their businesses.

Future Proof multi-technology ready

As cybersecurity concerns grow, the Internet of Things (IoT) is an enabler for launching new technologies and exploiting new fraud threats. High-performance platforms are required to examine all actions happening across a network, in real time, in order to spot abnormalities that may indicate occupational fraud, zero-day vulnerabilities and advanced persistent threats.

RAID FMS is designed to help users stop fraudulent multi-technology related activities before they occur. By combining multiple detection methods – including business rules, anomaly detection, link analytics and more – get greater accuracy and better predictive performance.

RAID FMS Advantages

  • All-in-One Software

    RAID FMS provides a complete suite of capabilities to manage the entire lifecycle of telecom fraud, from data loading to action.

  • Enhanced Collaboration

    Integrated case management connects multiple departments to create consistent, digital touchpoints during the fraud management process.

  • Hybrid Approach

    By combining a rules library with machine learning RAID FMS can quickly react and stop fraud in a repeatable and auditable manner.

  • Fully Configurable

    Extended user empowerment delivered through a zero coding approach that enables the platform to be tailored to user needs.

  • Future Proof

    RAID FMS multi-technology supports users to face the challenges of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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What our Customers say

"Orange have been working with WeDo Technologies for over 10 years, initially using their RAID reconciliation modules for Revenue Assurance. During this time, we have worked very closely with WeDo to optimise the benefits that RAID provides to our business, including the addition of their Fraud Management System (FMS) as the group preferred FMS 5 years ago. We would have no hesitation in recommending this to other future customers of WeDo."

- Jane Thompson, Group Director of Business Solutions, Orange Group Fraud & RA

RAID Software Platform

See the full details of the platform that run today's most innovative and widely deployed Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management software in the telecom market.

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