Order Handling Assurance

Enable order management performance measurement and monitor provisioning orders, costs, delays and systems outages

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Key risks addressed by Order Handling Assurance

  • Are provisioning costs under control?
  • Are we correctly evaluating order feasibility?
  • Are we provisioning on time?
  • Is the process well-tuned?
  • How satisfied are my customers?
  • Are teams working together correctly?
  • How are changes impacting order handling?
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RAID for Order Handling Assurance

Engineered to ensure data accuracy of orders and to estimate order handling process costs, allowing you to effectively manage order handling processes and customer provisioning.


With Order Handling Assurance, you will be able to audit SLA fulfilment according to business goals and at the same time monitor customer satisfaction during and after order completion.

Business Auditing Validations

Out-of-the-box controls for Business Auditing

  • Easy to use Validation workflow

    Continuous auditing eliminates manual sampling by automating the way internal auditors test controls

  • Visual Rules Model

    Get started quickly with a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box rules mapping your business

  • Prebuilt Business Rules

    Visual interface makes it easy to create and edit rules

  • Actionable Alarms

    By identifying exceptions and control violations as they occur, analysts are able to minimize risks coming from waste, fraud and inefficiencies


KPIs and Dashboards

Decision makers can use KPIs to implement compliance rules and monitor business goals, go with one click to RAID interactive dashboards to investigate further or even receive alerts and notifications when data changes critically or passes a certain threshold.

KPIs and Dashboards
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Case management

Taking a unified, organization-wide, customer-centric approach to uncovering relevant information can empower your employees, helping them make better decisions faster, and deliver service more efficiently.

RAID's Case Management is unique because it has been designed to deliver business analysts the right content so they can make more accurate decisions, and assure better business outcomes.


Data Loading

RAID's Web Based Flow Editor allows for easy and fast configuration of data loading processes, thus enabling high performance data integration to get the most out of big data.

RAID supports extended big data integration, including Hadoop data sources and file processing at HDFS level, while at the same time also providing continuous data processing through message based interfaces for immediate reaction to events.

Out of the box prevention controls to assure your business

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    Improve order handling data entry and feasibility decisions

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    Promote a pro-active and effective order handling process across all teams and systems

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    Audit the internal process of resolving customer incidents from the creation of a trouble ticket all the way through to the problem solving process

Tailored solutions

Discover our extended set of solutions for operational assurance in specific risk areas

Keep customer acquisition costs to a minimum and assure that commissions and chargebacks are correctly calculated and paid.

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Control and audit supplier-related money flows in order to manage outlfows.

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Audit the internal process of resolving customer incidents from the creation of a trouble ticket through the solving process.

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Monitor the accuracy of the customer credit scoring process and the various collection and dunning strategies.

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Monitor the management of staff activities and measure workforce performance based on their activities and outcomes.

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Audit activities and systems related with inventory management, including your physical assets deployed in customer installations.

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Recover costs by auditing the provisioning of rented resources and their relationship with customers.

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Improve business performance and optimize operational profits and the customer experience at a subscriber level.

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