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Business Assurance

Deliver your company the ability to reduce business losses through the continuous monitoring of data and reduce the costs of audits though the automation of financial controls and other transactional applications.

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Reduce business losses by improving performance

business assurance

Considering the current environment of rising internal and external risks, regulatory activities, and compliance costs, this is an ideal time to consider adopting business assurance software.

Automated controls can improve auditing mishandling of challenges which include increased competitive market pressures, stringent regulatory regimes, endless pressure to increase revenues and margins, and exposure to new forms of fraud.

Tailored solutions

Discover our extended set of solutions for operational assurance in specific risk areas

Keep customer acquisition costs to a minimum and assure that commissions and chargebacks are correctly calculated and paid.

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Control and audit supplier-related money flows in order to manage outlfows.

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Enable order management performance measurement and monitor provisioning orders, costs, delays and system outages.

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Audit the internal process of resolving customer incidents from the creation of a trouble ticket through the solving process.

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Monitor the accuracy of the customer credit scoring process and the various collection and dunning strategies.

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Monitor the management of staff activities and measure workforce performance based on their activities and outcomes.

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Audit activities and systems related with inventory management, including your physical assets deployed in customer installations.

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Recover costs by auditing the provisioning of rented resources and their relationship with customers.

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Improve business performance and optimize operational profits and the customer experience at a subscriber level.

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What our customers say

“Over the last two years we worked with our revenue assurance processes and home-made tools. Despite the good results achieved, we knew that automatic reconciliation of CDRs from switch to bill would be crucial for further revenue improvements initiatives. We chose RAID solution from WeDo Technologies following a careful evaluation of its comprehensive state-of-art technology, high performance and flexibility. The results obtained with RAID prove the impressive ROI of this solution”

- Leonid Khokhlov – Revenue Assurance Manager - VimpelCom

RAID software platform

See the full details of the platform that runs the most innovative and widely deployed revenue assurance and fraud management software in today’s telecom market.

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    Ericsson and WeDo Technologies partner in business assurance

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