Identify What Is Relevant To Follow

Use interactive dashboards and KPIs to investigate further, uncover hidden relations and connect the dots.

Engaging Users With Tailored Business Metrics

RAID dashboards and reports provide a quick understanding of what needs attention, which alerts need to be tracked and which tasks require follow-up by deploying analytics that continuously monitor business operations.

Get The Best Visual Experience

RAID natively offers a complete range of tools that provide augmented monitoring and measuring capabilities, including a visual KPI designer and business sensors to improve business status awareness.
Non-technical users can effortlessly create business metrics and dashboards by accessing easy to use drag and drop features working on top of the platform’s native business logic layer.

Can't see the forest for the trees?

Harness the power of your data to connect the dots between strategy, risk and performance.

Personalized Alert Notifications

RAID allows you and your team to receive custom built notifications whenever new alerts or alarms are triggered by the platform’s monitoring engines.
Smart notifications include automatic escalation paths, configurable priority scores and anti-flooding measures for increased team efficiency.

Intelligent Reports Made Easy

Rich and insightful reports are part of the product for specific business monitoring scenarios and can be extended by power users to be delivered to specific roles or user types (SoD) to ensure a clear and robust data governance policy.
Out-of-the box advanced scheduling capabilities enables you to define when, how and who should receive each specific report ensuring constant business auditing.

Accelerate your risk management program 

Leverage the opportunity to align common risk management processes, data and technology across a number of use cases in one single software tool.

Web Services Integration

Multi-channel notification delivery support allows RAID to integrate alerts in real time into multiple external platforms complementing the platform’s internal notifications for a 360º early warning system.
Built-in web services and APIs enable RAID to automatically notify universally used systems like Jira, Remedy, Salesforce, Skype or Slack, among others.

How to prepare your FMS for new services and new networks

With CSPs now releasing services at a faster rate than they can protect them, fraud management should be part of the digital transformation agenda.

Continuous Learning

Not applying predictive metrics to cross-boundary business processes leaves your organization vulnerable to risk and unable to execute your business strategies.
RAID helps to optimize business performance by learning how lost, recovered and prevented amounts evolve and then uses those insights to continuously fine tune your business controls and ensure compliance with your SLAs.

RAID risk management software, is easy to use and highly configurable

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