Self Service Tools to Explore Data

Drill down on data for root cause analysis and make better decisions faster.

Powerful Data Discovery

Drill down on data for root cause analysis. Combine data sources, add filters and drill down into individual events with just a few clicks. Look at the big picture for insights through visual data analysis and take advantage of RAID’s built-in data discovery capabilities to find issues before they happen and reduce financial losses.

Can't see the forest for the trees?

Harness the power of your data to connect the dots between strategy, risk and performance.

Self Service Analytics

Gain direct access to business validation concepts and associated data with RAID’s industry specific data model and self-service analytics tools.
Easily understand complex relationships between tables, including calculations and hierarchies, to augment data analysis and empower you.
Simply select the information you want to analyze and our data model will build the required queries for you, allowing you to preview and fine tune the analysis along with the process.

Accelerate your risk management program 

Leverage the opportunity to align common risk management processes, data and technology across a number of use cases in one single software tool.

Create And Reuse Visual Queries To Combine Multiple Views Of Data To Get Richer Insight

RAID’s built-in data blueprints designer empowers you to easily set and manage your own complex portfolio of analysis, in a multi-step visual approach, starting from individual data sources.
Integrated investigation workbench enables ad-hoc analysis to be applied to these rich and connected data sets for obtaining deep insights that help you to act timely upon platform alerts and alarms.

Contextual Investigation

RAID’s adaptive workflows enable you to automatically associate pre-defined data analysis with specific issue types in order to optimize the support information attached to each issue investigation.
This is particularly powerful when you need to do deep contextual analysis for issue investigation or to have the capability to easily explain complex investigations.

Switch to Bill Is Dying; What Will Take Its Place?

The switch-to-bill reconciliation was a staple of Revenue Assurance controls, but it needs to be overhauled to make it relevant for modern times

Boost AI To Leverage Your Risk Management strategy

Artificial Intelligence is one of the key drivers transforming risk management in the telecommunications industry. By integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your risk management strategy, RAID allows you to save time, boost revenue, identify risks and fraud, and add value to your customers.
Knowable unknowns can be addressed using trained models that are able to make accurate predictions on non-training data. RAID Machine Learning Workbench allows you to include unknowable knowns as part of risk management addressable strategy, for a future proof strategy.

How KT Is Leveraging RAID's AI For Telecom Fraud Detection

KT Corporation is Korea’s largest telecommunications service provider.
The company is leading the era of innovations in the world’s most connected country. The company leads the 4th industrial revolution with high speed wire/wireless network and innovative ICT technology. After installing 20 million fixed lines in just 12 years, KT was the first telecom provider to introduce 5G broad-scale trial service in 2018.

Apply Link Analysis To Rapidly Piece Together Disparate Data Into A Single Cohesive Intelligence Picture

Explore and identify key people, events, suspicious connections and patterns that might otherwise be missed across big transactional data in order to understand the structure, hierarchy and method of operation of criminal, terrorist and fraudulent networks.

RAID risk management software, is easy to use and highly configurable

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