Big Data Integration

Gain valuable insights by gathering and processing data from all your business applications and third party services.

Collect Data From Anywhere In Any Format

One of the biggest challenges in business monitoring is the ability to seamlessly integrate all the different data sources.
RAID's next generation graphical data ingestion process supports generalized access to all types of data including databases, files, machine and application data, free text and event streams, to create a complete picture of the business and drive actionable insights.

Built-In Data Enrichment For Advanced Profiling

RAID is prepared out-of-the-box to enrich all collected data with additional internal or external information to create a detailed image of each individual event.
Input data can be enriched in batch mode or in real time to help you better understand the big picture and enable the usage of entity profiles for a targeted approach to events having different characteristics or status.

Can't see the forest for the trees?

Harness the power of your data to connect the dots between strategy, risk and performance.

Drag And Drop Visual Interface

To simplify the data collection design process, RAID includes a user friendly visual big data integration studio that eliminates the need for programming and scripting, considerably reducing integration errors and making maintenance a lot easier.
Drag and drop to almost instantly blend and enrich vast volumes of data and integrate your results easily with RAID’s business rules engines to assure your data.

Real Time Data Processing

RAID supports highly scalable mass data ingestion with a message based interface for immediate reaction to events. High performance data ingestion processes can be scheduled or executed in real time on event generation.
Prebuilt readers for commonly used data structures and protocols like ASN.1, TAP or NRTRDE empower high performance connectivity to multiple business systems, databases and SDK’s for intelligent data parsing.

Seamless Big Data Integration

Out-of-the-box integration with big data sources like Hadoop, Spark or Flink enable RAID to efficiently process data even in the most demanding environments.
Integration with data science toolkits is provided through drag and drop tasks allowing users to easily create data collection flows with Python and R advanced data transformations for operationalizing data science work.

Accelerate your risk management program 

Leverage the opportunity to align common risk management processes, data and technology across a number of use cases in one single software tool.

Powerful Data Blending

RAID allows power users to mash up distinct data sources into a coherent business logic layer in order to have a clear picture of the entire data universe, actionable by analysts and business users, and access a single source of truth.
Internal information from systems such as CRM or billing, and external information like credit scoring from agencies or information gathered from 3rd party applications using API’s like the ones available from TM Forum, can be automatically blended with collected data to deliver powerful analytics ready information.

Full Process Execution Traceability

RAID maintains a complete audit trail so that you can fully trace every process execution action and drill down to its details.

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RAID risk management software, is easy to use and highly configurable

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