Actionable Case Management

A powerful, effective and collaborative tool to understand case details with a complete 360º view of each issue.

Adaptive Workflows

Adaptive case management enables you to define and maintain targeted workflows, accelerating time to resolution while providing a consistent and collaborative user experience.
Support for BPMN 2.0 flows allows power users to define both interactive user actions and automated actions in response to specific events, while stating case SLAs and escalation paths for the processes or sub-processes.

Automated Actions

The ability to quickly react to issues is critical for minimizing losses associated with fraud threats, revenue and cost leakages.
RAID lets you define manual and automatic actions associated with each case type. This includes gathering all the required information to quickly diagnose and close a case, requesting collaboration or sending emails or alert messages to full integrations with external services through APIs and web services.

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Collaborative Issue Resolution

Collaboration is key to diagnosing and effectively closing a case. RAID Case Management fosters collaboration by assigning the next task in the workflow to the proper user or team, monitoring response times and escalating when necessary.
Even when dealing with exceptions, you are able to create Ad Hoc tasks to request collaboration for those situations. And everything is kept within the case context, with every action recorded to ensure traceability and meet any governance and audit requirements.

Productivity Driven

Resolution time helps you track the average amount of time spent resolving issues. RAID’s adaptive case management tool was built from scratch and specifically designed to reduce time to resolution.
Monitor process performance from a technical and business perspective. Track all case activity and history in the case timeline, define SLAs and escalation paths.

To automate or to be automated…

In the risk and compliance area, RPA adoption is still at an early stage of progress, but substantial gains have been made already.

Full Process Traceability

RAID case management records every action associated with each specific case to ensure the traceability of the platform and meet any governance and audit requirements.
The built-in case timeline enables you to have a full view of the history of each case, records all the interactions occurred during the case life cycle, stores all the exchanged documents and comments, ensures a complete understanding of current case status, and fosters faster response times.

Dynamic Case Priority

Focusing on what is most important is key for business analysts, so RAID cases prioritization is based on both the potential risk of the threat and on its potential financial impact.
By aggregating defined and calculated risk scores for each fraud and business validation rules that contributes to the case creation, and combining them with other risk indicators, RAID is able to sort cases by impact to your organization, thus helping you to manage teams in the most effective way.

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Assisted Case Resolution

RAID case management helps you to optimize the time spent investigating each threat by providing out-of-the-box automatic case assistants.
Built-in dynamic workflows enable power users to define prioritized and case specific ad-hoc tasks created together with each case for guiding analysts in case resolution in order to optimize the time spent solving each issue.

Leverage Robotic Process Automation Integration For Automated Case Resolution

Easy and robust integration with third party tools and services can be a plus to boost productivity, reduces errors and to increase the level of automation. RAID enables end-to-end case resolution by taking advantage of robotic process automation (RPA) to fix identified issues faster and more efficiently, allowing teams to focus on higher value tasks. Adaptive workflows can be defined on RAID case management, accordingly with the underlying business auditing logic as well as including tasks dealing specifically with RPA integration that leverage root cause analysis to automate issue resolution.

RAID risk management software, is easy to use and highly configurable

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