All the necessary tools integrated into one platform to handle the entire risk management lifecycle.

An End-to-End Platform

Modern organizations that are looking to build a competitive advantage in the digital economy need to measure, monitor and optimize business processes that have a direct impact on revenue and customer satisfaction.
Billing validation, service abuse, subscription fraud or new service activation monitoring are some examples of the complex business processes that can be constantly monitored by RAID. RAID correlates data across heterogeneous systems to gain a real-time, end-to-end view of the entire business process performance.


Discover, access, integrate and digest all critical data reliably and at scale. Deploy proven methodologies and best practices to help establish a risk-aware culture.
  • Universal Data Access
  • Drag and Drop Visual Interface
  • Real Time Data Processing
  • Big Data Integration
  • Powerful Data Blending


Track and monitor business transformation in though user-friendly business controls and audit rules combined with machine learning.
  • Unified Validation Engines
  • Visual Business Rules Modeling
  • Future Proof Fraud Detection Engines
  • Machine Learning Workbench
  • High Performance Real Time Validations


Increase productivity by getting fast and direct access to relevant information. Understand key dependencies and control effectiveness through the user-centered design of the reporting components to better allocate time and resources to where they need to be.
  • Tailored Business Metrics
  • Enhanced Visual Experience
  • Personalized Alert Notifications
  • Intelligent Reports
  • Continuous Learning


Address a wide range of intelligence analysis and investigation management needs. Identify, investigate and act on suspicious activities and events of interest quickly and easily with self-service capabilities to address the complete life cycle of an investigation, search or inquiry.
  • Self Service Analytics
  • Flexible Data Blueprints
  • Contextual Investigation
  • Machine Learning Workbench
  • Link Analysis


Enhance the case resolution process by providing access to case content, task workflow, collaborative tools and content analytics to make informed decisions while in the lab or out in the fields.
  • Adaptive Workflows
  • Collaborative Issue Resolution
  • Investigation Timeline
  • Dynamic Case Priority
  • Assisted Case Resolution

Flexible Deployment Options

Adopt RAID platform and chose the deployment option that best fits your business needs, budget, and resources.
If your company still doesn’t have a full public cloud policy due to security and compliance issues, WeDo Technologies provides an alternative in private and hybrid cloud model to deploy RAID with its risk management prebuilt modules or apps.
Try the cloud environment for free! Get a free access to RAID.Cloud for fraud management. Just subscribe for an access, load data, and start monitoring alarms on RAID.Cloud fraud management applications using the cloud-based server environment ready to go.

Monitor Business Performance With Intelligent Risk Analytics

With RAID all the necessary tools are integrated into one single platform for risk management. As an end-to-end solution it covers everything from data collection to risk analysis and reporting. With the flexibility to define controls, RAID also provides prebuilt modules for risk management areas such as Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management and Business Assurance.

What Can You Do With RAID?

Revenue Assurance
RAID for revenue assurance is the most widely adopted product for telecommunications revenue assurance. More than 100 customers worldwide rely on RAID as part of their tactical and transformational methodologies for business improvement.
Fraud Management
RAID for fraud management delivers telecom-industry leading data analytics and machine learning capabilities to identify and respond to unwanted and suspicious behaviors in real time.
Business Assurance
RAID for business assurance is also used to support auditing methodologies that focus on reducing costs and expenses, as well as driving up revenues from specific, often overlooked, areas.
Audit 5G Deployments
As pre-standard 5G networks are being tested in labs and field evaluations across the globe, RAID can be used for auditing and monitoring the proper operation of services implemented on top of these networks.
Assure IoT Ecosystem
RAID platform has a proven track record in detecting and addressing leakages, as well as security and fraud threats surrounding the business as they expand into newer and more advanced service offerings in areas such as the Internet of Things/M2M.
Link Fraud and Security
RAID platform delivers a unified approach to fraud, compliance and security. Leverage security intelligence feeds to build an extra layer of protection backed by telco domain expertise to stop emerging fraud types.

RAID Benefits

User Empowerment
As the digital economy increases the need for IT speed, agility, and innovation, the purpose of our software is to enhance employees' ability to complete work more efficiently and effectively.
  • User-centric Design Concepts
  • Personalized and Responsive UX
  • Powerful Drag-And-Drop Functions
  • Visual Data-Driven Decisions
  • Built for Team Collaboration
Proven Scalability
RAID is a flexible enterprise-class big data integration platform that optimizes the usage of hardware resources, allowing the maximum amount of data to be processed while meeting current and future performance requirements.
  • Scale Up and Out
  • Deployment Flexibility
  • Cloud-Native Architecture
  • Grow Without Sacrificing performance
  • Tested In The Market
All-in-one Software
Built from the ground up and completely owned by WeDo Technologies, RAID platform is a full-service solution with no requirement for 3rd party software licensing.
  • AI/ML Studio Included
  • Visualization Tools
  • Adaptive Case Management
  • Business Rule Processor
  • Fully-Integrated Software Components

Industry Reports

Gartner Research
In Gartner's latest research they list several use cases for analytics, artificial intelligence and automation on CSPs and the role of one of the key players in this field: WeDo Technologies.
Telecom Market Research
With CSPs now releasing services at a faster rate than they can protect them, fraud management should be part of the digital transformation agenda. Download this eBook and learn how to prepare your FMS for new services and new networks.