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Customer Intelligence Platform

Maximize profit and long-term customer value, by bringing together 360-degree subscriber data and powerful analytics models.


Know your subscribers and drive long-term value

"(...) the missing piece you need for revenue and customer value management optimization."

Designed for Telcos

The telecommunications industry is highly competitive and customers are highly informed. To remain profitable, you need to offset the massive costs of your communications infrastructures by maximizing network utilization, delivering the highest value service mix, and retaining satisfied customers.
RAID Optimize is a solution designed specifically for the telecom industry and enables you to easily monitor customer value metrics and key relationships in order to maximize profit.


Connect all the dots and take customer intelligence to the next level

There is a real opportunity for network operators to combine internal sources of data, like customer data, with external sources, like social media.  This helps you gain a holistic view of their customer transactions and behaviors, enabling you to understand preferences, habits and needs – all in the right context.

With RAID Optimize you’re able to seamlessly bridge diverse data silos. By combining those, operators can instantly aggregate, consolidate and leverage data to get a 360-degree view of the customer and create meaningful segments and deliver highly targeted offers.


Telecom-driven data analytics to fuel decisions that create value

RAID Optimize uses 500+ prebuilt telecom KPIs (ARPU, usage, recharges, billing, dunning…) and then applies advanced statistical models and predictive algorithms to continuously monitor risks and predict next best actions.


Test and learn from data with campaign orchestration

Once you have a complete view of your customers from every angle, you can discover valuable segments for smarter targeting and personalization which will create better engagement opportunities with your customers.
With campaign prototyping you are empowered to create multistep campaign strategies, and test users in a live target environment, with real customers. This is a great tool for validating your campaigns before rolling them out.
Finally, analyze performance and optimize results to extract maximum revenue potential.

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The challenge of the next best action

RAID Optimize leverages sophisticated analytics and balances your business goals in real-time to
dynamically recommend the most relevant action, offer, and timing. This increases response and conversion rates, offer profitability and overall customer satisfaction.

RAID Optimize

Stop guessing & start targeting your best growth opportunities

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    Telecom Oriented

    WeDo has an extensive understanding and +15 years of experience in the telecom industry.

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    Ready to Start

    Prebuilt data models, user-friendly dashboards and 500+ telecom KPIs. Most data used by RAID Optimize is already available in RAID, thus speeding up deployment time.

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    Customer Centric

    Focus on retaining and growing an existing customer base to maximize lifetime customer value and drive successful corporate longevity.

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    Proven Track Record of Success

    As the world leader in Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management, WeDo has an established reputation of delivering benefits to its clients.

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    Powered by Advanced Analytics

    RAID OPTIMIZE’s analytics services team has strong experience in Advanced Analytics projects and application of best-in-class statistical techniques.



RAID Optimize Digital Footprint is the ultimate technology for information assessment based on public social data, providing a comprehensive set of applications specifically designed to achieve 360-degree real-time visibility of a person or entity, giving the information needed to enhance customer evaluation platforms.


Known the unknown with RAID Optimize

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