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RAID Optimize

Keep customer value key metrics at your fingertips and understand key relationships to drive better decision making

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Designed for Telcos

The telecommunications industry is highly competitive and customers are highly informed. To maintain profitability, CSPs must offset the massive costs of their communications infrastructures by maximizing network utilization, delivering the highest value service mix, and retaining satisfied customers.
RAID Optimize is a solution designed specifically for the telecom industry and enables you to easily monitor customer value metrics and key relationships in order to drive your business forward.

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Use your transactional data to drive profit

RAID Optimize’s data model is prepared to receive operators transactional and reference data coming from the network and Business Support Systems (BSS). The embedded Customer Oriented Structure data model is prepared to feed out-of-the-box Usage Indicators, Business KPIs, and external Analytical Insights. Relevant metrics at your fingertips.


Run a more data-driven business with machine-learning algorithms

Every data input continuously fuels a machine-learning model that informs the system on how adjustments to your strategies can impact performance. Simulate and test your ideas, easily evaluate the results, and then deploy optimal changes.

Why you should use RAID Optimize

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    Contextual Awareness

    Real-time operational monitoring, alerts and dashboards for performance evaluation.

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    Data Quality functionalities

    Detects variations in any indicator that might have impact on the quality of the Predictive and Classification models and ensures high quality data that serve as input for analysis and segmentation processes.

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    Empowered Users

    Business analysts can run their own investigations without IT support and act upon data, making use of an intuitive, drag-and-drop designer for workflow creation and reusable tasks workflows.

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    Campaign Optimization

    RAID Optimize provides a visual tool to follow-up on key metrics and evaluate the results and impact of actions and campaigns on customers behavior.

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    Unrivaled Platform

    RAID Optimize is unique on how it provides an integrated approach to analytics, data visualization, marketing optimization and campaign management features, based on a customer centric view.

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    Pre-integrated APIs

    Based on a flexible data model, it can precisely map to the requirements of other systems and the information transfer may be triggered by workflow events or scheduled by timer-based business rules.


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    Integrated Customer Value Management

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