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Campaign Management

Improve customer value management with targeted, multi-step and multi-channel campaigns.

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Use your transactional data to drive profit

With RAID Optimize, you will benefit from using the RAID data model which was engineered to integrate your transactional and reference data with your Business Support System (BSS). Our embedded customer oriented structure data model feeds out-of-the-box usage indicators, business KPIs and external analytical insights.

Campaign management benefits

Analysts can do their own investigations and act upon the data, building customized workflows to reach out to customers through an intuitive design.

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    Contextual awareness

    Enable real-time operational monitoring, alerts and dashboard for campaign performance management with real-time operational reporting.

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    Data quality functionalities

    Detect data variations that can impact on the quality of predictive and classification models and ensure high quality data for analysis and segmentation.

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    Create your own investigations and act upon the data, using the intuitive design to build customized campaign workflows to reach out to customers.

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    Campaign optimization

    Follow-up on key metrics evaluate results and impacts of actions and campaigns on customer behavior with our visual tool.

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    A unique platform

    Use an integrated and customer-centric approach to analytics, data visualization, marketing optimization and campaign management.

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    Pre-integrated APIs

    Map flexible data models precisely on top of other system requirements and trigger the transfer of information according to workflow events or a schedule based on time-based business rules.


Combine OSS/BSS with social media data for churn prevention

Social date gets more compelling when viewed in context with other data. You can add other datasets to the mix, such as from your CRM, digital analytics or e-Commerce data to glean more ideas on how to go to market.

Combining this data in a single view opens up new opportunities to find out why people are responding to messages, prices or brands that you put into the marketplace. RAID Optimize helps you access the benefits of social media without the high costs of building a new IT infrastructure. Our approach is based on a thorough understanding of social media, multi-channel customer management, and the latest technologies.


Uncover the hidden opportunities

Leverage available modules and functionalities to increase your knowledge of your customers and offers, by cross-referencing the multiple variables and insights available from the OSS/BSS and analytical models data, with geographical, social profile and profitability functions allowing you to get:
> Real-time delivery of the next best action for each customer to bring potential offers within an workflow management or via APIs
> Insights into opportunities to upsell or cross sell to existing customers
> Improved offers that can generate incremental revenue from the efforts developed by customer care teams


Take the next best action to drive successful business outcomes

The campaign prototyping module allows you to manage several concurrent campaigns for target groups, following a multi-step, multi-channel, campaign implementation.
The built-in analytics deliver micro-segmentation, insights and automation that can directly feed within the execution platform and at the same time close the loop by continuously monitoring subscriber response and behavior to the campaign on-going execution. RAID Optimize’s operational reporting delivers real-time operational monitoring that is complemented with alerts and case management features for you to analyze and act for improved business outcomes.

Top 3 Reasons why you should be using RAID Optimize

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    Event decision actions

    Use information to select and deliver the best offer to each individual with a comprehensive customer marketing datamart that combines multiple data sources in one place to provide a single customer view.

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    Improve marketing operations

    Execute contextual marketing campaigns by taking adjusted decision that balance customer desires with your business objectives to increase profits.

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    Respond to new market opportunities

    Respond rapidly to new market opportunities with easy-to-use campaigns and strategies that leverage self-learning analytics to automate sophisticated, multi-step and multi-channel campaigns.

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