Incentives Management

Define incentives strategies, automate calculation, and monitor performance to drive sales execution

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What are sales compensation inefficiencies costing you?

Watch the video and discover how RAID Incentives can help you

Why you should be using RAID Incentives

  • Increase accuracy

    Calculate incentives compensation quickly and accurately, thus reducing errors and overpayments.

  • Improve processes

    Eliminate time-consuming manual calculation processes and reduce cycle times by automating calculation of any incentives plan and integrating with payment platforms.

  • Drive sales performance

    Align sales behaviors with corporate goals by easily and quickly configuring incentives plans to support sales strategy and marketing initiatives.

  • Gain insights

    Gain real-time visibility into incentives compensation across agents, teams and territories. Leverage analytics to uncover sales trends and optimize incentive plans.

  • Ensure compliance

    Deploy workflow and case management to meet audit and compliance requirements, while eliminating short-term disputes and long-term sales force retention issues.

  • Monitor anytime, anywhere

    Keep a close watch on sales-performance and provide near real-time visibility to your sales people anytime, anywhere on mobile devices.

Discover why Digi Malaysia chose RAID Incentives

“(…) RAID Incentives has unique capabilities that help us accelerate our business (…)”

Designed from scratch

for wireless telecommunications carriers, broadband cable companies, and technology organizations.

RAID Incentives offers the best-in-class incentive compensation solution specifically designed to help you to manage growth effectively.

The solution addresses specific industry challenges by automating, managing and integrating all critical sales performance processes, such as compensation, quota and territory management, while integrating with end-to-end telecom order to cash fulfillment business support systems.


Easy to create, deploy and optimize compensation plans

RAID Incentives comes with built-in compensation plans tailored to meet extensive requirements, including advanced modeling types. It provides smooth configuration to adjust the specific conditions and variables of each implementation. It’s very easy to configure rules, policies, and complex sales hierarchies without IT support.

  • Intuitive compensation plan design and built-in plans
  • Graphical user interface to manage sales network
  • Support complex dealer hierarchies with any number of levels and relationships
  • Creation of multiple incentives cycles
  • Workflow engine for incentives plan approval

Robust engine for accurate calculation of commissions

Compute high-performance and complex calculations across both internal and external sales network and ensure accurate and timely delivery of commission payments to sales people.

  • Automated calculation of complex formulas in near real-time
  • Parallel execution of several incentives plans
  • Manual adjustments to commissions, bonus, or penalties using Excel templates
  • Tax calculation on approved payments

Enable real-time visibility and build trust

Easily create visual reports and dashboards using an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface or customize one of our out-of-the-box reports. Thresholds and alerts generation can be configured to any KPI, making it easier for you to keep track of sales behavior. Another great tool is ad-hoc modelling of new plans to forecast business impact before rollout

Enable real-time visibility and build trust

Align internal and external salespeople to one common goal

RAID Incentives provides a dealer’s portal that makes it easy for any sales agent to check their individual performance and personalized commission statements. The portal is the tool they need to keep informed anytime anywhere.

Significantly reduce the total cost of disputes

Case Management enables the configuration of specific workflows, escalation and assignment rules for each dispute type. It is a great tool to automate dispute tickets handling and improve the incentive compensation  process efficiency, while empowering both analysts and sales people.

Extending the coverage of dealer fraud

Unscrupulous dealers can sometimes directly exploit flaws in your agreements for their own benefit through the inflation of sales volumes to claim fraudulent commissions. Quickly analyzing dealer performance based on simple margin calculations rather than only by the number of sales achieved, provides an example of how RAID Incentives can be used to tackle dealer fraud.

Extending the coverage of Dealer's Fraud

One solution to run the entire process

  • All-in-one solution

    Complete suite of capabilities to manage the entire lifecycle of the incentives compensation process: plan creation, calculation, payment and monitoring, including territory and case management.

  • Motivated sales people

    Salespeople can have extensive visibility into their performance and payouts, thus giving them peace of mind to focus on selling instead of spending time on shadow accounting and inquiries.

  • Empowered business users

    Incentives managers can implement any plan they need and define complex calculations rules without IT support. This means less costs and greater agility to adapt incentive compensation to market changes.

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