Create A More Profitable Subscriber Base

Evaluate each customer’s intention and/or ability to pay for services before it’s too late

Not all bad debt is created equal

Bad debt comes in different sizes and formats and it is important to start by differentiating between these types of payment risk as the way of managing them are quite different.
  • Late payment: customers who recurrently pay their debts past their due date
  • Bad debt: customers who unintentionally cannot afford to pay
  • Dispute: dissatisfied customers who can pay but intentionally refuse to do so
  • Fraud: customers who have never intended to pay

Combine telecom data with bureau data to build high-precision custom credit risk models

Scoring evaluation is performed whenever a prospect wants to become a subscriber or a current subscriber signs up for additional services from the operator.
Scoring Evaluation is based on models that use demographic and public social media data as well as external credit bureau information services (acquisition model). As time goes by, it is also possible to calculate behavior scorings based on internal data, such as usage, payment and credit history available.

The power of advanced statistical modelling at your fingertips

Credit Scoring evaluation uses statistical modeling, user-defined rules and algorithms to assess each subscriber’s individual risk level.
It can also incorporate predictive analytics and artificial intelligence techniques to find correlations between customer variables and actual payment patterns and therefore, fine tune your models.
You can easily create statistical scorecards, based on scores determined by a variety of factors with different weighting, to determine multiple credit scores, such as acceptance, dunning probability or upgrade scoring.

Leverage automation to stay current on your subscribers risk throughout the entire lifecycle

Credit risk assessment is not a one-time, or even an every once-in-a-while thing. To be effective, risk has to be monitored frequently and consistently but that’s only feasible if the process is simple and automated.
With RAID Collections – Credit Scoring you get exactly that – a credit risk scoring solution which enables scheduling periodic credit risk revisions or on-demand evaluations.

Execute credit risk assessment before making decisions

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Get a 360-degree view of your customers and a broad-based view of risk

A comprehensive view of your subscribers is essential to effective segmentation and risk optimization. RAID Collections – Credit Scoring aggregates all sources of telecom data and relevant external data to build a 360-degree of your subscriber’s risk. This enables the creation of custom credit risk strategies, that will ultimately will allow you to optimize risk levels by customer segments, and automate credit risk management with confidence.

Stop fraudsters at the entry door

RAID Collections – Credit Scoring leverages WeDo Technologies’ extensive experience in telecom to provide you state-of-the-art fraud detection rules and algorithms powered by artificial intelligence that exploit patterns found in traditional and new sources of data to better identify risks and opportunities, and capture relationships across many factors to better detect fraud. It is crucial to stop fraudsters at point of origination.
Future-proof your collections practice by preventing subscription fraud from day one.

Credit Scoring is a great tool to positively impact financial performance and customer experience

Increase predictability
and lower costs
A precise credit scoring solution enables you to assess subscribers risk level upfront and significantly reduces the risk of accepting risky customers, thus lowering bad debt costs later during the customer lifecycle.
Automate credit
risk decisions
Set up credit risk models and custom rules for credit risk decisions that will be applied to all your customers, without the need of analysts to perform this manually.
Maximize customer
lifetime value
Monitoring credit scoring on a continuous basis and adjusting credit limits accordingly enables you to confidently increase or decrease credit limits thus extracting more value from your subscribers.

RAID Collections – Modular and Tailored to your needs

RAID Collections is made of different modules that cover different stages across the debt collection process. These modules can be deployed individually, to address specific needs, or they can be deployed jointly, and provide an end-to-end solution. 
RAID Collections was also built to be ecosystem-proof. This means all modules integrate seamlessly with any Billing and/or ERP platforms. So, if you manage collections from your ERP platform, you can have RAID Collections evaluating new or existing customers in terms of credit risk, profitability, expected future value and potential for fraud.

WeDo Technologies offers a complete set of tools for debt collection management, assurance and fraud prevention

Subscription Fraud
Combine RAID Collections with a fraud management solution with out-of-the-box controls to prevent acquiring customers who do not intend to pay, or are using false personal information or stolen information to get access to your new services or devices.
Credit Control
Credit Control monitors credit limits in near real-time and enables you to automate executions of actions according to customer segmentation and risk profile.
Collections Management
Collections Management lets you automate debt collection, debt negotiation or allocation of debt packages to internal teams or external debt collection agencies, according to customer segmentation.
Customer Collections Assurance
Monitor and audit the accuracy of your credit scoring models and collection strategies and ensure maximum data quality.
Collections Analytics & Optimization
Collections Optimization is a service provided by WeDo Analytics Center, a team of data scientists with global telecom expertise, that transforms data from your operational systems (such as RAID Collections) into insights and recommendations.
Professional Services
RAID Collections can be used as an out-of-the-box software or it can be tailored to your specific needs. Our Professional Services team is comprised of experienced and certified project managers that will tailor the product to your exact needs, enabling you to extract maximum value from the product.


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