Act Before It’s Too Late

Monitor in real-time credit usage against credit limit and trigger the right action to prevent losses.

Easily manage your unpaid invoices

With RAID Collections’ Credit Control you can configure automated rules and create customized strategies and scenarios to trigger reminder emails, sms, dunning letters,etc. and escalate in tone as invoices become more overdue.
Decide when you want reminders to be sent and who should receive them, according to customer segmentation and risk levels, and let RAID Collections do the work for you.

Prompt the right action before it gets complicated

RAID Collections monitors service usage against credit limits and outstanding amounts, as well as credit scoring updates, because customers’ credit rating could change all of a sudden.
It then triggers service cut-off when applicable or restores service when a customer falls back on track.
This prevents customers from abusing the use of services they can’t afford or they do not intend to pay.

Streamline collaboration for faster resolution

RAID Collections has intelligent multi-tiered workflows and collaboration engine which lets you automate the escalation and distribution of disputes and cases, cutting out the need for manual administration.
Employ easy assignment, access, and approval methods to help collection teams organize their activities, prioritize cases, and perform root cause analysis rapidly in order to manage disputes faster.

Balance your collection efforts with the appropriate customer treatment

RAID Collections Credit Control enables you to get in touch with your customers through their preferred channel.
It supports email, calls, SMS, voice messages, dunning letters, and much more.
It also sends information to other systems, such as Finishing, Fraud, Call Centre and E-mail systems, regarding executed actions.

Manage credit limits and risk exposure by applying tailored strategies

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Benefits of Credit Control

Improve Efficiency
The automation of barring actions to prevent credit limit abuse frees up other resources and enables an effective coverage of your entire subscriber base.
Prevent Losses
By controlling and preventing credit limit abuses, you can prevent bill shocks and fraudulent situations that would inevitably lead to revenue loss.
Better Customer Experience
Tailor credit control strategies according to customer segments and meet customer expectations in terms of touch-points and actions.

RAID Collections – Modular and Tailored to your needs

RAID Collections is made of different modules that cover different stages across the debt collection process. These modules can be deployed individually, to address specific needs, or they can be deployed jointly, and provide an end-to-end solution.
RAID Collections was also built to be ecosystem-proof. This means all modules integrate seamlessly with any Billing and/or ERP platforms. So, if you manage collections from your ERP platform, you can have RAID Collections automatically monitoring the usage of your services, managing cut-offs and restoration of services based on customer credit limit.

WeDo Technologies offers a complete set of tools for debt collection management, assurance and fraud prevention

Subscription Fraud
Combine RAID Collections with a fraud management solution with out-of-the-box controls to prevent acquiring customers who do not intend to pay, or are using false personal information or stolen information to get access to your new services or devices.
Credit Scoring
Credit Scoring is a native module of RAID Collections and it allows you to choose your customers: cut off those who can't and avoid those who are unlikely to pay. It keeps evaluating the scores of the subscribers you decide to keep during their entire lifecycle.
Collections Management
Collections Management lets you automate debt collection, debt negotiation or allocation of debt packages to internal teams or external debt collection agencies, according to customer segmentation.
Customer Collections Assurance
Monitor and audit the accuracy of your credit scoring models and collection strategies and ensure maximum data quality.
Collections Analytics & Optimization
Collections Optimization is a service provided by WeDo Analytics Center, a team of data scientists with global telecom expertise, that transforms data from your operational systems (such as RAID Collections) into insights and recommendations.
Professional Services
RAID Collections can be used as an out-of-the-box software or it can be tailored to your specific needs. Our Professional Services team is comprised of experienced and certified project managers that will tailor the product to your exact needs, enabling you to extract maximum value from the product.