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Eliminate Bad Debt In Telecom

Bad debt management is a key driver of financial performance for telecom operators and by upgrading bad debt management capabilities, you can increase your EBITDA by up to 2%.
Managing bad debt requires balancing the risk and cost of non-payment against the opportunity costs, such as disconnecting potentially reliable existing subscribers or rejecting valuable prospects.
RAID Collections enables you to manage collections in an effective way, from the moment a new customer comes in and during its entire lifecycle.

Solution Tailored To The Telecom Industry

Unlike other solutions that only rely on general ledger, RAID Collections can collect telecom-specific events in real-time like service usage to feed credit control and collection strategies and apply the configured strategies. RAID Collections, with its specifically designed data integration features tailored for telecom operators, makes it a unique solution in delivering automation and value for the Credit Control and Collections challenges in this industry.
By gathering and processing data from different OSS/BSS (network, mediation, provisioning, billing, CRM, etc.) touchpoints in real-time, RAID Collections combines this information with that from external systems (i.e. credit bureaux).

RAID Collections Manages The Entire Bad Debt Lifecycle

Telcos often place so much emphasis on the entrance credit scoring, they neglect the process of recurrently reviewing customers’ credit limits, but an automated end-to-end Credit Control and Collections tool fills that gap. It helps move them from a non-existent or static collections practice to a continuous improvement approach, directly linked to the customer stage, towards becoming a value-based collections practice.

AI-enabled Collections process

The rapid growth in the availability of big data and machine learning have created a significant impact on collections. RAID Collections and its data scientists team apply machine-learning and advanced analytics to transform key areas such as:
  • Use collection, fraud, and behavior scores to segment customers and identify self-cures or the accounts most likely to roll forward to a worse delinquency state
  • Identify the optimal treatment and most effective contact strategy for each segment
  • Combine multiple variables to generate maximum-value and optimize collection efforts based on the customer’s ability and willingness to pay
  • Manage allocation of debt packages to debt collection agencies and optimize internal collections capacity

Flexible Deployment Options

Adopt RAID Collections and chose the deployment option that best fits your business needs, budget, and resources. 
If your company still doesn’t have a full public cloud policy due to security and compliance issues, WeDo Technologies provides an alternative in private and hybrid cloud model to deploy RAID Collections with its business management prebuilt modules or apps.

RAID Collections – Modular And Tailored To Your Needs

RAID Collections is made of different modules that cover different stages across the debt collection process. These modules can be deployed individually, to address specific needs, or they can be deployed jointly, and provide an end-to-end solution. 
RAID Collections was also built to be ecosystem-proof. This means all modules integrate seamlessly with any Billing and/or ERP platforms. So, if you manage collections from your ERP platform, you can have RAID Collections automatically managing service delivery, cutting off or restoring services based on payment status.

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RAID Collections Is A One-Stop-Shop For Collections Management

Credit Scoring
Credit Scoring is a native module of RAID Collections and it allows you to choose your customers: cut off those who can't and avoid those who are unlikely to pay. It keeps evaluating the scores of the subscribers you decide to keep during their entire lifecycle.
  • Predictive risk scoring models and scorecards
  • Data aggregation from internal and external sources
  • Configurable workflows
Credit Control
Credit Control monitors credit limits in near real-time and enables you to automate executions of actions according to customer segmentation and risk profile.
  • Customer segmentation
  • Configurable rule-based strategies
  • Dunning process automation
  • Dynamic credit alerts
Collections Management
Collections Management lets you automate debt collection, debt negotiation or allocation of debt packages to internal teams or external debt collection agencies, according to customer segmentation.
  • Automated rules and actions
  • Simulation and recommendation of payment agreements
  • External debt collection agencies module

Put Collections On Autopilot With Automated Actions

Choose from dozens of triggers, conditions, and actions to alert and get in touch with your subscribers at the right time and collect more revenue without manual intervention

Challenges of Debt Collection in the telecom industry

Find out the top 5 challenges and how to overcome them

WeDo Technologies offers a complete set of tools for debt collection management, assurance and fraud prevention

Leveraged by telecom data
RAID is an all-in-one software that collects telecom-specific data across your business applications and platforms to monitor business activity in real-time and prevent risk.
Customer Collections Assurance
Monitor and audit the accuracy of your credit scoring models and collection strategies and ensure maximum data quality.
Subscription Fraud
Combine RAID Collections with a fraud management solution with out-of-the-box controls to prevent acquiring customers who do not intend to pay, or are using false personal information or stolen information to get access to new services and devices.
Collections Analytics & Optimization
Collections Optimization is a service provided by WeDo Analytics Center, a team of data scientists with global telecom expertise, that transforms data from your operational systems (such as RAID Collections) into insights and recommendations.
Professional Services
RAID Collections can be used as an out-of-the-box software or it can be tailored to your specific needs. Our Professional Services team is comprised of experienced and certified project managers that will tailor the product to your exact needs, enabling you to extract maximum value from the product.
Managed Services
Our team lets you focus on the key areas of your business while we take care of the software and daily operations, backed by our extensive telecom expertise and according to agreed SLAs.

Make An Impact On The Bottom Line

Increase Cashflow
By triggering the right action, at the right time you’ll reduce operating costs and collect more money, thus preventing bad debt write-offs.
Reduce Day Sales Outstanding
With segmented strategies and scenarios, RAID Collections enables you to reduce day sales outstanding and improve your financial performance.
Prevent Fraud
Understanding who your subscribers are from day 1 and assessing their ability to pay debts will save you time and money in legal processes. Prevent fraud before it happens.


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