• Rui Paiva

    Rui Paiva

    Chief Executive Officer

    WeDo Technologies

    Rui Paiva is CEO and co-founder of WeDo Technologies, as well as Executive and Advisory Board Member of a number of for and not for profit organizations.
    Prior to founding WeDo Technologies in 2001, Rui Paiva was System Information Director and Deputy of Optimus Communications’ Executive Committee. Before that, Rui was the Consultancy Director at HP Portugal, following a career at Telecel, which then became Vodafone Portugal, heading up their Infrastructure, Operations and Help Desk Department.
    Rui Paiva holds a post-graduate degree in Management and Administration from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, as well as a BSc in Applied Mathematics.

  • Fernando Videira

    Fernando Videira

    Chief Financial Officer

    WeDo Technologies

    Fernando Videira is CFO and one of the co-founders of WeDo Technologies, and also responsible for HR, IT, Facilities, Project Support Office, QMS, Legal and Administration departments. Prior to WeDo Technologies, Fernando was the Financial controller at Optimus, now known as NOS, and before that, held leading financial and operational roles at HP Portugal. Fernando Videira completed his Finance post-grad in Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, having had graduated Universidade Católica Portuguesa with a degree in Business Administration.

  • João Moita

    João Moita


    WeDo Technologies

    One of the founders of WeDo Technologies, he has previously worked as CRM Director for Southern Europe at Unisys and also as the IT Director for the CRM area of Optimus mobile operator, now known as NOS.  João Moita holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Faculdade de Ciências at the Universidade de Lisboa and a post-graduation degree in Business Management from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

  • João Resende

    João Resende

    CEO Office

    WeDo Technologies

    Having joined WeDo Technologies in 2001, he previously spent four years working in American Management Systems, in various development and program management roles. As WeDo Technologies' Chief Technology Officer, João leads the R&D and Product Development teams, both current and future product. With over 15 years’ experience in software development in the telecom industry, João also holds an INSEAD MBA, as well as a Master’s degree in Computer Sciences from Universidade do Porto.

  • Álvaro Ribeiro

    Álvaro Ribeiro

    Chief Technical Officer

    WeDo Technologies

    Having joined WeDo Technologies since day-one, in 2001, he has worked in the Systems Development & Integration areas for several IT/IS and as Manager for the Mediation, Roaming, Interconnect and Billing areas for TMN, resulting in 17 years’ experience in the OSS/BSS industry.   Álvaro Ribeiro has a degree in Computer Science from Universidade de Coimbra and a post-graduate degree in Business Management from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

  • Raul Azevedo

    Raul Azevedo

    VP Product Development

    WeDo Technologies

    Raul Azevedo, after completing his major in Computer Science and Systems Engineering, has had a varied and rich experience leading Information Systems, for sectors such as manufacturing, technology, retail and banking.
    Today, Raul is WeDo Technologies’ VP (vice president) for Product Development, overseeing Research & Development, Support & Maintenance and Cloud & Managed Services Operations teams, responsible for delivering, supporting and running the world leading product for Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management.

  • Inês Ferreira

    Inês Ferreira

    Global Sales

    WeDo Technologies

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  • Bernardo Lucas

    Bernardo Lucas

    Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer

    WeDo Technologies

    Bernardo Lucas is the Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. Prior to joining WeDo Technologies, Bernardo worked as the project lead at US based Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where he led technology, media, telecommunications, retail and financial services consulting projects. He holds an MBA from INSEAD with distinction.
    Bernardo leads a team of skilled and knowledgeable marketing professionals as they work together to grow the business by sharing the value of WeDo’s fraud management and revenue assurance solutions.

  • Renato Gaspar

    Renato Gaspar

    Vice President, Europe Region

    WeDo Technologies

    Having integrated in WeDo Technologies in 2001, Renato has held various management and executives positions since. Before 2001, Renator worked for Arthur Andersen.
    With more than 15 years of experience in the Technologies and Information Systems area, Renato Gaspar holds a degree in Electro Technical Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa.

  • Rui Campos

    Rui Campos

    Vice President, EEMEA

    WeDo Technologies

    In WeDo Technologies since 2001, his professional career includes several executive positions. Previous to joining WeDo Technologies, Rui was responsible for some significant projects in the mobile operator Optimus, now known as NOS. Before that, Rui worked at INESC, a R&D Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers, as well as in Papelaco PDSL, developing the Portuguese ATM network.   With more than 20 years of experience in the Technologies and Information Systems area, Rui Campos holds a degree in Electro Technical Engineering with a specialization in Computer Systems from Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa and a postgraduate in Business Management from the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

  • Thomas Steagall

    Thomas Steagall

    Vice President North America & Caribbean Region

    WeDo Technologies

    Thomas is the executive lead for the North America and Caribbean region, and oversees P&L in those markets, as well as managing the full Business Assurance portfolio of services and solutions. With over 18 years of experience in the Telecom Industry, providing consulting services globally to Tier 1 companies. Specialized in Risk Management, Revenue Maximization, Asset Optimization and Operational Excellence, as well as a very solid know-how on the entire IT/Cloud space - OSS/BSS/ Digital transformation journeys as well as Business Process Management. Thomas has worked on key international assignments, mentoring, leading and managing groups of professionals / specialists.

  • Alexandre Marques

    Alexandre Marques

    Vice President, South America Region

    WeDo Technologies

    Having joined WeDo Technologies in 2006, Alexandre previously worked at Oi/Brazil and in other acknowledged telecommunication companies such as Intelig, Iridium, Finivest and others, totaling 28 years’ management experience. Alexandre Marques has degree in Economical Sciences from UNESA and a MBA with focus on Management and Corporate Finance at FGV/RJ.

  • Miguel Chibante

    Miguel Chibante


    WeDo Technologies

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