WeDo Technologies new cycle of international conferences started in Malaysia

23 January 2017

Press Release

The first of 6 Worldwide User Group conferences to be held in 2017 by WeDo Technologies took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The event attracted over 85 attendees including a large community of Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management professionals from the telecoms industry, representing more than 12 countries and 17 operators around the world.

Following on from the event in Malaysia, WeDo Technologies has also selected Brazil, the United States, India and Mexico to reproduce its headquarters’ Worldwide User Group (WUG) event held every May in Portugal, where it gathers industry experts from all over the world. 

These events are designed to enable attendees in gaining valuable insights into the best practices for Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management and learn the business benefits of industry topics such as IoT, big data, advanced analytics and industry threats and opportunities.

For Rui Paiva, CEO of WeDo Technologies, "2016 saw us enhance the Worldwide User Group event model with great success, and this year we managed to double the audience of telecom operators who attended our central WUG in Lisbon. By bringing the events to additional international regions as part of WeDo Technologies' global leadership strategy, we hope to continue to build close relationships with our customers, learn from our community of users,  listen to the challenges they face and support them in developing the solutions and business models needed to ensure a positive impact on the bottom line."

WeDo Technologies has clients in 104 countries and a physical presence in five continents; the company’s global technological growth strategy to relocate its Worldwide User Group and educational and training conferences is focused on promoting the discussion of Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management in order to address urgent industry challenges, including digital transformation and diversification of global market.

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