WeDo Technologies Hosted Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management Conference in Miami, FL

Lisbon, Portugal 08 November 2017

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WeDo Technologies, a worldwide leader in integrated revenue assurance and fraud management, brought together over 120 telecommunications experts in Miami, Florida October 19-20, to discuss the challenges associated with today’s dynamic telecom business environment. Issues like Digital Transformation, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data & Analytics, Social Media and 5G are creating both opportunities and risks for service providers and their customers.

WeDo Technologies’ Global User Group was initially introduced in 2006 and still takes place annually in Portugal, with the objective of strengthening and promoting the exchange of experiences among the world's telecom providers. It has now been expanded to include regional events spanning the globe. This year’s Miami, Florida event included participants from 14 countries across the Americas. The agenda included issues relating to Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, 5G, Roaming, Security and Credit and Collections, with speakers from Cablevision, Oi, Telefonica, MTN and TPx Communications. 

"At these events, our goal is to promote an exchange of ideas and best practices between operators who often share common challenges and concerns,” explains Alexandre Marques, Vice President South America.  “Our shared commitment towards fighting fraud, reducing risk and meeting the challenges of today’s dynamic telecom industry unites us in our efforts to help solve these critical industry issues.”

During the two-day event, participants shared ideas and presented use cases. WeDo Technologies demonstrated the evolution of its solutions, including its rapid response to changes in the telecommunications industry through its' SaaS offer: RAID.Cloud. It enables modular and out-of-the-box fraud fighting capabilities that can be integrated almost instantly, to provide a simpler and faster approach to telecom fraud management.

"The Internet of Things is powering the ability to connect a host of new businesses, devices and ‘things’. The opportunities are huge, but so are the risks. As the level of complexity grows, so does the potential for fraud and revenue loss. The challenge of the telecom industry is to mitigate these risks and ensure business security,” stated Thomas Steagall, Vice President North America and the Caribbean.  “With cloud services, such as RAID.Cloud, telecom service providers can now address fast growing critical fraud issues more quickly and cost-effectively.”

WeDo User Group Asia – WUG18
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