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Supplier Cost Assurance

Supplier Cost Assurance

Helps CSPs to control and audit these money flows is very important, in order to keep frugality in place.


For CSPs, the growth in number of subscribers and the demand for new services and content along with management of the company’s internal operating expenditures requires constant interaction with dozens of different partners and suppliers.

Contract generation and payment management are continuous processes requiring a distinct set of internal audits and controls. Complexities may arise between partners and suppliers. For instance, the need to audit payments for multiple types of products and services, and distinct internal departments and subscribers, all requires continuous oversight.

Managing supplier costs requires a specific set of controls to correctly assure that payments continue to flow while costs are assured.

RAID Suppliers’ Cost Assurance software effectively manages this and all other aspects of the supply cycle to ensure proper financial oversight for CSPs and their customers.

Promote ease of adoption and accelerate audit control implementation with the software packages for Supplier Cost Assurance

Suppliers' Control
Suppliers' Control
Continuously evaluates suppliers, identifying the best partners in terms of costs and services provided.
Invoice and Payment Control
Invoice and Payment Control
Ensures payments are accurate and on time to maximize cash flow.
Supplier Cost Control
Supplier Cost Control
Evaluates supplier costs, detecting cost overages and errors, and/or possible fraudulent behaviors.
Give analysts a broader insight across the organization
  • Partners Selection & Monitoring
    Suppliers are evaluated by monitoring the partner relationship. Controls purchase orders. Manages and audits invoice approvals.
  • Invoice & Payment Accuracy
    Validates the accuracy of invoices, monitors the relationship between “Purchase Orders” vs “Invoices”, tracks payment accuracy and delays as well approved invoices.
  • Suppliers’ Cost Control
    Evaluates the cost associated with each supplier per department. It identifies excessive costs by comparing departments with similar departments. Monitors deviation of planned costs per department.
Address industry-specific regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Is the supplier’s Info correctly stored?
  • How accurate are supplier invoices?
  • How much time is spent approving each invoice?
  • Are the payments processed in a timely manner?
  • Who are the most profitable partners?
  • Are supplier costs being controlled?
  • What is the supplier attrition rate?

The RAID platform

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