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Roaming Management

RoamBroker - Roaming Management Software

Effectively Manage Roaming Business




WeDo Technologies€™ RoamBroker is a user-friendly, web-based application that proves to be an effective tool for managing an operator roaming business. RoamBroker integrated business logic encompasses the entire life cycle of a roaming agreement and manages roaming service processes. This results in decreased time to deployment in an operator environment.


In addition to settlement for both inbound roaming and outbound roaming, RoamBroker handles all associated business processes including:


  • Manage data exchange

  • Pricing configuration

  • Revenue assurance

  • Bill Shock Prevention
  • Manage Wholesale Agreements
  • Roaming fraud detection

  • Advanced reporting

  • ..and standard support for TAP, RAP, RAEX, High Usage Reporting (HUR), and NRTRDE.


RoamBroker reduces time to market for new services, increases revenues with flexibility in pricing and competitive advantages, and eliminates fraud revenue leakages. It also reduces Clearing House dependency with associated cost savings.

RoamBroker modular approach ensures that projects are up and running within required delivery times, costs, and results. Moreover RoamBroker provides the flexibility to integrate with emerging technology as your company grows.


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