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Provisioning Assurance for Revenue Assurance

An end-to-end approach for auditing the delivery and activation of services in complex environments. Assure your revenues in a multiple vendor and multiple technologies environment.

As Service Providers scale their service portfolio and subscriber/connected device base, their biggest challenge comes from the growing complexity associated with the volumes of orders to provision and activate new services.

RAID Revenue Assurance automates the information validation process across multi-vendor and multi-technology business support systems – to identify information inconsistencies that can lead to revenue leakage.

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RAID monitors and audits every step of the order provisioning process – from order receipt to order completion.

Detects and fix errors in the order management.
Automates the auditing of service development and provisioning. Boosts profitability by helping to guarantee that no errors or delays occur during the configuration of network elements or the provisioning of new subscriber services.
Proven Solution.
We have already helped dozens of Communications Service Providers ensure the accuracy of complex, multi-vendor networks – including market leaders in the Mobile, Fixed and Cable. RAID for Provisioning Assurance contributes to improving customer loyalty, reducing churn and driving down OPEX.
Monitors order orchestration in a hybrid BSS/OSS environments.
As different providers are adopting different technological approaches (peer-to-peer, SDP, IMS), RAID can eliminate errors that occur during order management and provisioning, especially with the growth of new services stemming from cloud and IoT offerings.

The Right Tool To Guarantee That all Service Usage is billed

Guarantee that every billable event is correctly processed.

Monitors the xDR-generation process, starting at the switching centers and service platforms through to the customer invoice.

Signaling or session data can be included in the reconciliation process, where aggregated data is collected from several measurement points along the revenue chain and reconciled using historical, cross-system and threshold validation rules.

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Improve usage metering accuracy

Highly scalable processing capabilities.
Exponential subscriber growth, along with increases in Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud services, are leading to very high volumes of data. RAID Usage Control delivers proven processing power for analyzing high volumes of data in real-time, near-real-time or in very low-latency mode leveraging Hadoop integration.
All-IP Networks.
Ready for metering usage of IP-based data services. We’ve overcome the challenges. associated with producing, polling and aggregating IPDR data.
RAID includes prebuilt data connecters and APIs that can transform and validate data from major network vendors. All this can be achieved without writing a single line of code.
RAID connector allows you to quickly and easily integrate network information with any other applications you have in your company for Revenue Assurance.
Get a clear view of how revenue flows within your network.
Guarantee that every billable event is correctly processed. RAID Usage Control ensures the integrity of revenue processes, comparing and reconciling multiple data inputs and to identify discrepancies.
Monitoring VoLTE and the balance accuracy.
Since VoLTE services are typically zero-rated, users should get “free data” to make their calls. RAID Prepaid Balance Validation monitors each call to ensure the correct charging policies are being applied to keep prepaid balances accurate.
Leveraging 3GPP Standards.
Fully 3GPP-compliant real-time charging with superior performance for complex event processing. Guarantees that no revenue leakage occurs during the implementation of an entire spectrum of services, such as various types of pre-paid services, and other value-added services (VAS) that appeal to specific customer segments.
Synchronization with new business models.
RAID delivers prepaid balance validation by performing sophisticated, end-to-end, prepaid account validation. It delivers vendor/network agnostic data integration, from service charging and delivery through real-time rating and customer management.

Rating Validation For Increased Billing Accuracy

Secure the revenues while developing new business-to-consumer and business-to-business models going from voice and messaging services to data and multimedia services.

RAID Telecom ensures that bills are fully validated against every expenditure, as well as for all components of the full invoice. This is achieved by independently auditing and verifying procedures within the operators’ rating and billing mechanisms. RAID software follows a modular approach, so that organizations can choose the features best suited to their needs.

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Innovative monitoring mechanisms audit the entire invoicing process.

Audits real-time rating and discounting.
  • Support for complex, bundled services
  • Rate plan ‘inheritance’: define rating and discounting models, and then reuse the common features across multiple rate plans
  • Invoice integrity validation: compares the itemized invoice against the customer’s services and contracts
Improved accuracy and more thorough analysis of invoices.
Checks each billable item before the bill gets generated. RAID:RBV validates billing cycle data using the customer’s historical behavior and profile data, then compares this information against additional data sources and the invoice itself, at both an aggregated and a detailed level.
Support for multiple technologies and billing methods.
A scalable, flexible solution with a strong focus on usability (or ease of use) - proof product roadmap, audits real-time convergent charging and policy control decisions. RBV provides the confidence to release new, innovative services, such as:
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Telecom
  • Subscription
  • Converged
  • Wholesale
  • Enterprise

The RAID platform

See the full details of the platform that run today's most innovative and widely deployed Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management Apps in the telecom market.
With just a few clicks, gain visibility to information from across your entire business, to create an integrated, real-time approach to reducing organizational risks.

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