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One single tool that delivers an integrated approach to revenue assurance & fraud management

With just a few clicks, gain visibility to information from across your entire business, to create an integrated, real-time approach to reducing organizational risks.


Gain valuable insight by gathering transactional data from all your business applications.

One of the biggest challenges in business monitoring is the ability to seamlessly integrate all the different data sources.

Data takes different forms and shapes, depending upon the different applications and places it resides – and whether it's on premise or in the cloud.

RAID's graphical extract-transform-load (ETL) process allows you to easily connect with application data, to create a complete picture of your business and drive actionable insights.

To simplify data integration, RAID includes a visual set of big data integration tools that eliminate the need for manual programming and scripting.

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Gather critical corporate data for business performance analysis, including revenue assurance and fraud management.

Collect and aggregate data stored in Hadoop and relational databases using an intuitive user interface, without the need for specialized coding skills.
Apply a proven data integration solution for blending and enriching vast volumes of data. Developed for telecom. Tested across multiple industries.
Utilize blended data for enhanced analysis of overall business performance, all pre-integrated with RAID’s business rules engines.

Monitor Business Performance with Validated Data

How well is your business progressing towards its goals and objectives? RAID allows you to track corporate performance, supported and validated by transactional data. Data validation is a core part of RAID. This ensures accurate business monitoring and the ability for non-programmers and business analysts alike to add or change business logic validations, according to business policies and procedures.

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Deploy powerful rules that capture business complexity.

Monitor all data necessary to support full alarm traceability. From the instant an alarm sounds, to validation and the application of business rules. Data collected by RAID’s ETL is fully integrated with the rules engine to deliver predictive analytics.
Easily configure and manage business rules with a customizable, intuitive HTML-based rule designer that supports specific user profiles.
Make better decisions for revenue assurance and fraud management with rules and predictive analytics. Two complementary forms of business validation in decision management.

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Pinpointing what's relevant to follow

A picture is worth a thousand words – especially when you're trying to find relationships and understand your data. For many of today's businesses, this could add up to millions of variables that need to be continuously monitored.

RAID graphically represents business data in a way that aligns with how the human brain processes information. This allows you to accurately visualize large amounts of complex data, and respond to issues more rapidly.

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Visualize current business performance by monitoring the controls that are tightly linked to your data.

Make a real impact on your business.
  • Combine data sources, add filters and drill down into specific information with just a few clicks.
  • Step back and look at the big picture to get insights through corporate data analysis.
  • Find issues before they happen and reduce financial losses.
Get the best visual experience - whenever, wherever! RAID instantly adapts to the device being used.

Teams are always empowered and able to assure the business with a superb user experience, wherever they are:
  • Tablet
  • Desktop
  • Smartphone
Empower and engage each user with a tailored user experience from RAID Business Sensors.

RAID dashboards and reports provide a quick understanding of:
  • What needs attention
  • Which alerts need to be tracked
  • Which tasks require follow-up

Drill down for root cause analysis

How can you visually analyze millions of rows of data with one single application, without performing the interim steps of data aggregation, export and import that are typically required from third-party tools?

It's easy! RAID provides you with powerful data discovery and exploration tools that allow you to get the answers to your questions in just a few seconds. Our self-service analytics tools can help you investigate detailed business data to predict how to improve business performance, followed-up by recommended actions.

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Drill down into detailed corporate data to understand the true state of the business.

Utilize self-service tools to explore and visualize data for root cause analysis. Business analysts can investigate deeper and gain real business insight.
Gain direct access to business validation concepts and tables of data with RAID’s industry data model and self-service analytics tools.

Easily see relationships among the tables and the business logic used to augment data analysis, including calculations and hierarchies.
Get instant access to all data types stored in Hadoop and NoSQL systems, whether from internal or external sources.

A new benchmark for investigation workflows

Taking a unified, organization-wide, customer-centric approach to uncovering relevant information can empower your employees, helping them make better decisions faster, and deliver service more efficiently.

RAID's Case Management module is unique because it has been designed to deliver business analysts the right content so they can make more accurate decisions, and assure better business outcomes.

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RAID allows you to act quickly and decisively by bringing together all relevant and necessary information to speed up case investigations.

Allocate tasks across the business and more quickly investigate and analyze cases for faster, more accurate decisions.
Gain complete business oversight with RAID’s Case Management tool. Providing a common user interface across all data collection points, analytics tools and dashboards, with true mobile portal connectivity.
Gather supporting evidence and compile ad-hoc or standard reports using a comprehensive, intuitive platform that can be accessed anywhere, any time.
Track all case activity and history through a case timeline. Easily define SLAs and escalation paths.

Top 3 Reasons why you should be using RAID Software

Less Hassle

Why have 10+ different solutions to monitor business performance, with10+ different vendors to manage?

With RAID, you get an entire performance monitoring toolset, all as one easy to use platform.

More Power

Each component is fully integrated, which helps create a more powerful solution.

Business sensors go beyond simple graphics and reports. Monitoring engines provide more than just rules.

No assumptions or latencies

System integration is quick and painless.

Tight integration improves productivity by eliminating data replication and provides a single true source of data.

Data only needs to be entered once.

Who uses RAID Software?

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