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Partner Incentives Assurance

Partner Incentives Assurance

Enables CSPs to keep new customer acquisition costs at minimum and assures that commissions and chargebacks are correctly calculated and paid.

Partner Incentives help to keep your sales force engaged and effective, however diligent management and oversight are required to ensure fraud and customer acquisition costs are kept to a minimum.
The amount of transactions and money managed by these types of processes and systems is often overwhelming, leading to situations where it’s difficult for the CSPs to correctly control costs related to each customer acquisition.

RAID Partner Incentives Assurance software monitors, measures and audits all compensation payments and adjustments made towards sales partners.

Partners Incentives Assurance allows CSPs to stay in control and helps to eliminate sales partner fraud. It also measures the quality of new customers acquired by each partner, allowing CSPs to better identify the top sales performers.

Promote ease of adoption and accelerate audit control implementation with the software packages for Partner Incentives Assurance

Incentives Consistency Check
Audits if events, required for the incentives system, are arriving correctly and on time. Audits the calculation of the incentives cycle.
Payment Control
Audits payments made to sales partners.
Partner Monitoring
Profiles sales partners, their efficiency as well the week and strong points.
Incentives Performance
Monitors and profiles incentive schemes, measuring their effectiveness.
Give analysts a broader insight across the organization
  • Operational Accuracy
    Checks contractual and sales information accuracy to detect wrong information and instances of fraud. Assures that commissions and chargebacks are correctly calculated, paid or credited, and identifies fraudsters’ behavior to avoid additional costs and loss of revenue.
  • Partner Relationship Health
    Identifies the best partners and keep a good relationship with them knowing churn rates of partners, customers and services to check the engagement of sales force team. It also scores and monitors partners based on several characteristics.
  • Incentives Performance
    Identifies which incentives create the most value. It also identifies which incentives don’t work, and either discontinues or modifies them. In addition, the solution scores each incentive according to several characteristics.
Address industry-specific regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Is contractual data consistent and accurate?
  • Am I collecting and calculating all business events and incentives?
  • Are all Partner Payments being processed accurately and delivered on time?
  • Are disputes being controlled?
  • Which are my best partners?
  • Which are my best Incentives?
  • What is the monthly partner churn rate?

The RAID platform

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