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Order Handling Assurance

Order Handling Assurance

Enables CSPs to measure order management performance. Monitors provisioning orders, costs, delays and system outages.


Current market trends show CSPs to be merging, sharing network resources and investing heavily into non-traditional services. This causes increased order complexity leading into errors and increased costs. Order handling often passes from several departments and applications causing delays and errors.

RAID Order Handling Assurance software focuses on achieving efficient order management, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty by reducing delays and back-orders, enhancing order accuracy and making communication easier. It validates all steps to guarantee order accuracy.

The mitigation of errors enhances service delivery, improves customer experience and reduces costs by validating the steps of the ordering process, so that revenue, time and efficiency are maximized.  

Promote ease of adoption and accelerate audit control implementation with the software packages for Order Handling Assurance

Order Feasibility and Cost Control
Order Feasibility and Cost Control
Supports CSPs to improve order handling data entry and feasibility decisions.
Order Performance Optimization
Order Performance Optimization
Promotes a pro-active and effective order handling process across teams and systems.
Customer Satisfaction Monitoring
Customer Satisfaction Monitoring
Audits customer satisfaction related to order handling activities.
Give analysts a broader insight across the organization
  • Team Performance Index
    Responsible for manual provisioning actions. Provides team backlog control, tracks manual task times, service level agreements and quality assessments.
  • Systems Accuracy
    Provides automated provisioning through error handling, controlled downtimes and provisioning of systems.
  • Process Performance Index
    Performs process design and execution based on provisioning times, order handling costs, feasibility rules and detected order handling blocking points.
  • Satisfaction Score
    Drives order closure, provisioning and churn relations and measures customer satisfaction within the order handling process.
Address industry-specific regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Are provisioning costs under control?
  • Are we correctly evaluating order feasibility?
  • Are we provisioning on time?
  • Is the process well-tuned?
  • How satisfied are my customers?
  • Are teams working together correctly?
  • How are changes impacting order handling?

The RAID platform

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