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How many tools do you need for Fraud Management?

Connect in real time and batch from more data sources than other solutions.
Predict fraud accurately with machine learning and automate fraud decisions based on rules.
Add visualization to make sense of the data and observe important patterns that would not be apparent from looking only at the numbers.
Get a complete set of tools for fraud investigation that empower fraud managers to make smart and fast decisions – and do it all within RAID.
Unify interactions between people, processes and data - for better, faster and smarter decisions.

4 reasons to choose RAID:FMS for Telecom

Predictive analytics
RAID helps stop losses from fraudulent activity, before they occur. By combining multiple detection methods – business rules, anomaly detection, link analytics and more – you get greater accuracy and better predictive performance.
Enhanced collaboration
RAID web portal uses HTML5 technology for extended mobility. Integrated case management connects multiple departments within the organization to efficiently create consistent, digital touchpoints during the fraud management process.
Accurate and flexible rules engine
RAID:FMS rules engine links analytical scoring to an action, based on information loaded or connected into the system. Rules are essential to react quickly and stop fraud in a repeatable and auditable manner. RAID:FMS provides an unique visual interface to update and write more effective rules to stop fraud threats.
All-in-One Fraud Management Tool
RAID provides a complete suite of fraud management capabilities to manage the entire lifecycle of telecom fraud, including data loading, visualization and the creation of analytical models to uncover new fraud insights.
We would have no hesitation in recommending this to other future customers of WeDo.
"Orange have been working with WeDo Technologies for over 10 years, initially using their RAID reconciliation modules for Revenue Assurance. During this time, we have worked very closely with WeDo to optimise the benefits that RAID provides to our business, including the addition of their Fraud Management System (FMS) as the group preferred FMS 5 years ago.

Our relationship with WeDo has become more of a partnership, and WeDo listen to our needs and deliver these to us either on one-off basis, or as part of their tool roadmap. Their Fraud Management System has been implemented in a number of Orange businesses across the globe, and we continue to work closely with WeDo, benefitting from their in-depth knowledge and experience in the implementation and evolution of the system to meet the ever changing needs our businesses have in this domain. We would have no hesitation in recommending this to other future customers of WeDo."
Jane Thompson
Group Director of Business Solutions, Orange Group Fraud & RA
RAID:FMS enhanced our capabilities to combat telecom fraud.
"RAID:FMS enhanced our capabilities to combat telecom fraud. Our team is responsible to conduct complex tasks in a dynamic environment for identifying, detecting, analyzing and preventing telecom fraud threats.

RAID: FMS provides the tool we need for success, including a flexible rules engine, real time monitoring and alarms and valuable data mining and reporting capabilities."
Muhammad Imran Jamil
RA & Fraud Management Expert, Asiacell
Now we have capability to rapidly adapt to new sophisticated fraudster behavior
"RAID:FMS brought us the ability to detect all fraud scenarios and respond in real time to protect our customers as well as our global network partners.

Now we have capability to rapidly adapt to new sophisticated fraudster behavior and to organize the fraud teams in an optimal way to further reduce the impact of fraud in no working time thanks to automatic workflow of RAID."
Mustapha Graoui
Fraud Manager, Maroc Telecom
RAID FMS allowed the Fraud and Security Team to monitor, to control and to act over all kind of telecom frauds
"The implementation of RAID FMS at Unitel was a milestone for the company, because it allowed the Fraud and Security Team to monitor, to control and to act over all kind of telecom frauds and supported the development of effective mitigation measures with proven financial returns."
José Carlos Sobreira Martins
Risk Management, Fraud & Security Director at Unitel

A simple, reliable and effective Fraud Management system

RAID:FMS enhanced user interface sets a new benchmark for response and resolution times by managing every step of fraud detection and investigation to the point of resolution. By analyzing usage patterns, WeDo Technologies aligns user and software goals to create an interface that accelerates time to resolution, while providing a consistent and familiar user experience.

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Leverage Machine Learning to Beat Fraud

Using highly advanced machine-to-machine learning techniques, RAID:FMS is able to identify unusual patterns and correlations from disparate data sources, going far beyond traditional rule based fraud management.

By combining a modern computing architecture with the ability to ingest massive amounts of data, RAID delivers actionable results in mere milliseconds.

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Identify emerging threats and fight IoT Fraud in real time

As cybersecurity concerns grow, the Internet of Things (IoT) is an enabler for exploiting new fraud threats. High-performance behavioral analytics are required to examine all actions happening across a network, in real time, in order to spot abnormalities that may indicate occupational fraud, zero-day vulnerabilities and advanced persistent threats.

RAID:FMS Predictive Analytics helps stop fraudulent IoT related activities before they occur. By combining multiple detection methods – including business rules, anomaly detection, link analytics and more – get greater accuracy and better predictive performance.

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Connect with Security information to stop the Fraud Enablers

As we evolve to an all-IP world, we see fraudsters starting to hack systems to extract personal data so they can bombard customers with phishing scams or infiltrate malware into apps so they can access and control smartphones.

By gathering security insights from first-and third-party applications such as SIEM, firewalls or deep packet inspection tools (DPI), you can leverage fraud detection across multiple products and channels.

RAID:FMS helps CSPs across any network type stop fraud where it starts: the fraud enablers.

WeDo Technologies Fraud Operations Center (FOC)

WeDo Technologies Fraud Operations Center (FOC) provides a broad range of services, from monitoring and management to comprehensive fraud threat solutions and hosted protection that can be customized to meet service provider's needs. WeDo Fraud Operations Center (FOC) provides 24-hour continuous monitoring and advanced fraud analytics capabilities combined with industry-leading threat intelligence and expert investigators to rapidly detect the most recent fraud threats.

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Get full coverage, 24x7
WeDo Technologies Fraud Operations Center (FOC) experts and technology stand between you and fraud threats that can damage your business. Whether that means constantly evolving fraud-prevention services, block down grey traffic route, or layering protections with RAID:FMS application capabilities, our FOC is at your service 24x7.
Protect Your Most Valuable Asset—Your Brand
If your business is generating profitability, you're a target for fraudsters. In this threat filled world, it's important to have strong expertise on your side. Our FOC experts can help to prevent fraud threats before they impact your business and your customers brand awareness.
Hard-to-Find, Specialized Fraud Experts? We have them!
We offer the highly trained analysts, processes, procedures, and the robust and fraud information you need to enhance your fraud management policy . They're using the industry-leading Fraud Management product (RAID:FMS) combined with best practices to ensure the best protection possible for your assets. Our team includes active members of the GSMA Fraud and Security Group (FASG), or the TMForum Fraud Group.
Monitoring and Reporting You Can See Anytime
FOC services include access to the RAID:FMS customer portal so you can securely manage and access your fraud management services. Easy analysis of past and current fraud events with full portal search capabilities which quickly aggregate information such as: fraud detection alarms, attacks protected or case resolution.

Enable Quick Decisions and Remediation

Interpreting a large number of events to quickly identify potential fraud risks can be a challenge. To help fraud managers identity changes or patterns not visible in rows and columns of data, RAID: FMS has an advanced set of visualization tools that highlight and provide context to data during detection, investigation and case resolution of fraud scenarios.

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Strengthen Your Defense Against Fraud

Advanced Fraud Detection (AFD) takes RAID:FMS to the next level of intelligent fraud detection. AFD empowers fraud managers with an analytical tool that lets them build their own data mining models, tailored for their specific needs, with a simple step-by-step wizard. The visibility and automation that AFD provides makes service provider networks more secure and reduces operational costs.

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Complete Protection for Complex Networks

The power, precision and flexibility of RAID's robust rules engine gives operators the telecom industry's most comprehensive fraud coverage. RAID:FMS enhances this coverage by combining the accuracy of a knowledgebase of tested rules with the ability to easily fine tune and develop new ones.

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FutureProof Coverage. Reclaim your fraud protection!

Give analysts a broader insight across the organization
  • Internal Fraud Detection
    Through the continuous monitoring and detection, of unusual patterns of behavior, perpetrated by one or more individuals internal to the organization involving use of deception to obtain financial gain.
  • External Fraud Detection
    Through continuous collection, filtering and correlation of data from multiple network sources and network layers to avoid attacks from individuals external to the organization.
  • Partners Fraud
    Through continuous monitoring of partner activities and related services that can lead into intentional fraud behaviors.
  • IRSF (International Revenue Share Fraud)
  • Bypass and OTT Bypass
  • SIM Box Fraud 
  • PBX & VoIP Fraud
  • Premium Rate Service Fraud
  • Roaming Fraud
  • Dealer Fraud
  • Mobile Money
  • Subscription Fraud
  • Wangiri Fraud
  • And many more…

The RAID platform

See the full details of the platform that run today's most innovative and widely deployed Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management Apps in the telecom market.
With just a few clicks, gain visibility to information from across your entire business, to create an integrated, real-time approach to reducing organizational risks.

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