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Customer Problem Handling Assurance

Customer Problem Handling Assurance

Audits the internal process of resolving customer incidents; from the creation of a trouble ticket through the actual problem solving process.


Managing customer problems is essential for success in today’s highly competitive CSP market. In order to meet the high expectations of customers, CSPs must be prepared to effectively manage customer complaints and minimize product or service dissatisfaction.

The Customer Problem Handling Assurance process audits the internal process resolution of customer incidents, commonly associated to products or services purchased. The auditing process follows the entire lifecycle of each customer incident, from its creation up to its resolution. It monitors incident creation accuracy, resolution accuracy (e.g., resolution times, resolution costs, proper team skills and sizing, others), possible personnel abuses, fraudulent situations and customer satisfaction impacts.

Promote ease of adoption and accelerate audit control implementation with the software packages for Customer Problem Handling Assurance

Trouble Report Quality
Trouble Report Quality
Promotes efficient and effective communication between support teams.
Resolution Optimization
Resolution Optimization
Supports managers in the handling of team skills and sizing.
Customer Impact Monitoring
Customer Impact Monitoring
Promotes pro-active and effective problems resolution.
Credit Control and Abuse
Credit Control and Abuse
Prevents losses due to abuse and fraud.
Give analysts a broader insight across the organization
  • Creation Accuracy
    Register problems and complaints by capturing, analyzing, managing and reporting on customer reported problems. Initializes and manages customer problem reports. Assigns and prioritizes problem reports to the right teams.
  • Resolution Accuracy
    Executes follow-ups by reporting progress on customer problems, and reporting to customers. Corrects customer problems and identifies workaround solutions. Assigns and tracks customer problem recovery activities.
  • Satisfaction Score
    Performs problem closure by assuring effective problem resolution, managing customer problem jeopardy conditions and measuring customer satisfaction based on the solution provided.
Address industry-specific regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Are problem reports accurate?
  • How effective are we at first contact resolution?
  • How fast are we solving problems?
  • How efficient are we at solving problems?
  • How satisfied are my customers?
  • Are we proactive on problem resolution?
  • Have we discovered any instances of fraud in the process?

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