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costs margin assurance

Costs & Margin Assurance

Improves performance of your business and enables you to optimize your operational profits and customer experience at subscriber level.
11 cost margin assurance
RAID’s Costs & Margin Assurance software application helps improve profitability. It lets you identify and correlate costs with revenues and calculate profitability margins associated with individual subscribers and service types. It automatically detects low margin subscribers and services and provides you with valuable cost and revenue-related information regarding your business, helping to maximize profit and improve customer acquisition and retention decisions.

The application looks at key business categories, including service hierarchies, pricing, and customer segments, to provide a comprehensive financial view. Gain insight into subscriber profit margins based on various criteria, including by region, by industry, by service plan and more.

Promote ease of adoption and accelerate audit control implementation with the software packages for Costs & Margin Assurance

Customer Margin Assurance
Customer Margin Assurance
Collects customer related costs, calculates customer margins and generates reports by price plans and customer segments.
Roaming Margin Assurance
Roaming Margin Assurance
Identifies costs and margins for your roaming business, and analyzes trends to ensure profitability.
Interconnect Margin Assurance
Interconnect Margin Assurance
Identifies costs and margins for interconnect calls and analyzes trends across your wholesale business.
Margin Assurance for VAS & Contents
Margin Assurance for VAS & Contents
Identifies costs and low margins on content-related services & products, and compares trends impacting profitability.
Give analysts a broader insight across the organization
  • Customer Margin Performance
    Calculates customer margin and generates reports based on price, plan and customer segment.
  • Service Margin Performance
    Calculates margins for several service scenarios, by auditing costs and revenue for roaming, interconnect, and content as well value-added services. It monitors margin issues while making available reports by call, by service type and by partner.
Address industry-specific regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Are customer acquisition, management and recurrent costs correctly calculated and assigned?
  • Are usage margins within their expected range?
  • Do you have a complete 360º view of each subscriber’s costs, including acquisition, retention, services, etc.?
  • Can you identify your ‘best’ and worst subscribers, in terms of the margins they generate? Is this information available for customer retention purposes?
  • Are your price plans and service bundles generating the margins you need?
  • Do your roaming plans have margins that fall within acceptable limits?
  • Is your interconnect business profitable?
  • Are margins related to content and VAS in line with your business objectives?

The RAID platform

See the full details of the platform that run today's most innovative and widely deployed Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management Apps in the telecom market.
With just a few clicks, gain visibility to information from across your entire business, to create an integrated, real-time approach to reducing organizational risks.

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