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Credit Control and Collections Management

CollectionsBroker delivers automated credit and collections capabilities that help to reduce credit risk and decrease operational costs by managing and automating the process of managing Accounts Receivables.

An integrated risk analysis for the deployment of mechanisms to secure revenues

Collections Broker includes an intuitive Credit Scoring module. With the decision engine, Service Providers can implement any number of business rule models, including - but not limited - to credit scoring models, pricing rules and credit limit calculation.

The level of automation depends on the respective credit policies and origination rules for such segments. The Credit Risk supports the full automation of credit application processes, manual exception handling and underwriting workflows requiring manual intervention.

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Get a broader view of risk
CollectionsBroker Credit Scoring models provide a consolidated view of how consumers repay credit obligations, including accounts held by other lenders.

The scores are empirically built using consumer data from internal and external sources and variables
Extend credit with confidence
Credit Scoring analytics provides more control over which consumers to target, how much credit to extend and when to raise their credit limit.

CollectionsBroker credit score analytics provides highly reliable, predictive measures of applicant and customer risk.
Achieve targeted risk control from a multi-variable decision process
CollectionsBroker Credit Scoring is generated using multiple variables, with each scorecard tuned to assess risk for specific consumer segments.

To streamline and update risk scores, scorecards are aligned to reflect each customer's evolutionary profile.

Take advantage of the integrated credit control mechanisms by linking relationships and behaviors.

If for prepaid customers, Service Providers charge the customers in advance before providing the service, for Postpaid customers Service Providers push themselves on risk and charge the customer at end of every month after providing required services.

CollectionsBroker allows to define credit classes also known as categories of customers linked with the risk of revenue that can be taken from each customer group.

CollectionBroker provides several mechanisms by which customer is informed about the threshold value of his usage and credit limit. When customer usage exceed the predefined credit limit appropriate action for informing the customer balance is done through the product automated actions.

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Get a broader view of risk
CollectionsBroker has the facility for you to remind your customers when their accounts have reached their credit limit using an SMS service. This allows to deliver informative actions (warnings) to interact with the customer to prevent over consumption and bill shock.
Extend credit with confidence
Credit limit variability is a crucial aspect of the consumption, revenues, and debt decisions. Combining credit limits with credit scoring analytics provides more control over which consumers to target, how much credit to extend and when to raise their credit limit.
Credit reporting
The solution has custom reports designed that allow you to see by customer all open balance in Collections Broker plus any open orders, so you can see what % of the limit is remaining and alert you if there are any concerns on receivable aging.

Design collections management scenarios across multiple channels

CollectionsBroker allows you to implement automatic debt management scenarios to collect overdue payments Collections policies may vary according with customer segmentation.

Service Providers can adopt more aggressive policies against accounts with low credit scores and follow a less aggressive course for accounts with high credit scores. Additionally for accounts that have never been in collections before they can receive more favorable treatment.

If no payment is received as the result of the predefined collections action, additional steps can be taken. These actions range from additional letters or phone calls to stopping service to referring the case to a collections agency.

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Implement effective collection strategies using a wide variety of prebuilt scenarios CollectionsBroker already delivers a set of preconfigured collections strategies for Service Providers so you don't have to start a project from scratch. This scenarios are applicable according to predefined groups from a receivables management point of view. Dunning customers that fulfill a specific rule defined in a strategy are distributed to the automated actions prepared for collection scenarios.
Intuitive graphical design to create and modify collections systems rules
The fully web interface makes it fast and easy to update and create new collection scenarios, without any requiring any coding form business analysts. Business users can make changes in collections scenarios, allowing continuous optimization of strategies and best practices over time. Design pre-dunning and post-dunning efficient strategies to collect faster and prevent bad debt.
Manage IVR, Letter and SMS Generation process
Incorporate industry best-practices, with workflow strategies aligned with your collection goals. Management of account specific communications can be fully automated within CollectionsBroker. Information to include in mailed or SMS-based customer communications (i.e. overdue notices) can be determined based on pre-structured business rules that are automatically linked to the debtor's account.

*IVR requires integration with XXX
Receivables Management Using External Collection Agencies
When needed, CollectionsBroker provides workflow features for submitting receivables to external collection agencies or to third-party applications for legal dunning procedures. Accounts information from your customer debtors (either individually or in bulk), can be automatically distributed among the collectors you specify. Both you and collection process will be able to login to the application web portal to track the progress of the debt collection.
Tailor payment options to meet your customer conditions
CollectionsBroker a specific feature for NEGOTIATION MANAGER that allows to:
  • Create a payment promise plan for the debt already over due (avoid services suspensions)
  • Simulate different payment plans according the negotiator's profile
  • Establish payment plans following the conditions agreed with customers
  • Monitor the payment plans, prevent miss payments and take decision in case of payment delays or miss payment or full payment.

Powerfull Reporting tools

Empower all the teams with 24/7, user-friendly access to reports and dashboards that allow to make faster, more informed decisions. Collections Broker reporting tools – including ad hoc reporting, self-service data visualization and Mobile dashboards, analytics , and more – that can help business users to improve receivables performance and become more effective in everything they do.

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Engage your organization with the accounts receivable impact by providing complete insight into the collections process.

Encourage the adoption of the tool across the organization with compelling, insightful data and mobile dashboards that make receivables impact easy to understand at a glance. With CollectionsBroker HTML5 technology, you can create mobile, highly interactive, role-based dashboards that deliver trusted, meaningfully data to decision makers – anytime, anywhere.
Case management
Collections Broker case management is a tool designed to help all the people that are part of the collections and credit actions to gather the right content, apply analytics for faster, more accurate decisions, and take action to assure better business outcomes.

Collectionsbroker case management provides complete visibility into each collections case across all communication channels, plus automated case routing, prioritization, and escalation.
Collections Broker' Web Portal delivers web-based access to your credit control and collection actions.

Users from different role within organization can easily access the most relevant content and actions requiring their attention based on their role assignments. With Collections Broker web portal administrators can manage user access and permissions at both the site and page levels. Customers can choose between various templates to customize the site experience to their needs: standard pages, or custom page layouts.

Top 3 Reasons why you should be using CollectionsBroker

One Vendor Solution

Client communications. CollectionsBroker is a fully integrated system that efficiently manages and automates your collection management and accounts receivable needs.

Automate your credit and risk scoring process and benefit from features like integrated e-signatures, predictive dialing and e-payment methods.

Easy Configuration

Our flexible debt collection software system adapts to your business, so your managers and office staff can easily establish powerful workflows and business rules for any types of debt that you currently manage, or may manage in the future.

Application administrators can easily configure screens and implement workflow capabilities for any job type, without requiring IT or programming assistance.

Improved Performance

CollectionsBroker is an unique, single source debt collection solution that provides a feature-rich set of automated business processes designed to minimize costs and maximize results.
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