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Case Studies

MTN - Managing Roaming Business

Find out how WeDo Technologies’ RoamBroker enabled MTN to gain broader view and tighter control over all roaming functions with major benefits to the guarantee of revenue.

Digicel - Implementing a Roaming HUB Business

With 32 distinct networks to manage across 32 different countries, each with their own tax codes, rules and regulations to navigate, Digicel was faced with a unique set of challenges. Managing their growing roaming business was one of the more complex ones.

Stopping Wireless Fraud on a Global Level

Learn how a global telecom group fights against fraud in five countries by having the right systems in place to proactively manage the growing threat of wireless fraud.

Decreasing Revenue Exposures, Avoiding Fraud, and Quickly Mitigating Risk with WeDo's RAID

A leading operator in mobile broadband and voice in the Middle East was facing an increase in next generation data and content services which placed new demand requirements on its network. The operator realized that its processes needed to be expanded to handle this demanding situation in order to recover instances of leakage and fraud.

Telus Boosts Control Through Multi-dimensional Visibility of its Subscribers

TELUS Canada intended to migrate its pre- and post-paid subscriptions into a single Real-Time Charging (RTC) solution in order to foster a feeling of control for the customer and avoid bill shock. However, in choosing WeDo Technologies, they found they had access to a whole lot more in the way of functionality and value to the business.

Integrated Customer Value Management

Read how one global communications service provider is using SHAPE Telecom to better determine customer lifetime value, manage churn and improve their overall marketing effectiveness.

Proactive Revenue Assurance for ZAIN Kuwait With RAID Knowledge

ZAIN Kuwait operates in eight Middle East and North Africa countries. The company is an industry leader in mobile services generating USD $4.3 billion in consolidated revenues. Due to a customer base expansion, the company started facing some difficulties when coping with this rapid growth. Download this case study and learn how we helped to minimise the risks, losses and errors driven from this ongoing transformations.

Revenue Assurance in APAC Mobile Operator

Download this case study and find out how WeDo Technologies helped an APAC Mobile Operator to leverage its control and monitoring capabilities.

Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management in Asian Fibre-Optic Provider

Download this case study and find out how WeDo Technologies helped an Asian Fibre-Optic Provider to save money and achieve tighter flexibility with a combined RA&FM platform.

Helping a Leading Service Provider Meet FCC Requirements - Rural Call Completion Order

Download this case study and find out how WeDo Technologies helped a CSP in the United States to be compliant with the Rural Call Completion Order issued by the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
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